Romantic Love Messages For Her

However during the relationship period the table tends to turn as the insecurity is felt mostly by the female and this poses a plethora of issues for women in their relationships, as most men reduce their romantic gestures and their romantic love messages for her, this does not mean he no longer loves her, but mentally they feel little need for them because when you set a trap for prey and they eventually fall into it, there really is no need for another trap right?

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Most men find it difficult to keep in touch with their female partners by sending her romantic love messages, especially after wooing her into acceptance.

The twisted thing about the pre-relationship and relationship period is that a man usually feels quite uncertain and insecure during the pre-relationship as he anticipates his prospective partner’s response hoping she accepts his proposal to date him.

During this same period, the woman’s only worry is if the man is truly genuine about his emotions and feelings he claims to have towards her, aside from the woman is relatively safe emotionally as the man can really do little or no emotional harm to her.

Romantic Love Messages For Her

Another common feature of the pre-relationship period is that most men while going after a prospective partner are usually at their most romantic, constantly crafting romantic love messages for her.

Right, but this shouldn’t be the case whatsoever as women shouldn’t be treated in such a manner as they are more emotional than logical, allowing their feelings cloud they’re what they subconsciously know to be true.

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 In this article, we are going to take a look at a few reasons why you should continue sending her romantic love messages even after her acceptance.

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Importance Of Romantic Love Messages For Her

It Reminds Her That She’s Still Wanted

It is a crazy notion, but most women in relationships do not feel wanted, they do feel their partner still desires them as he once did before they become exclusive.

Every once in a while when you send your partner a beautifully composed ( or one stolen from Google, it’s the effort that counts) romantic love message while she’s at work, with her friends and even when you guys are in the same room would always remind your lady that the same desire you had for her before she accepted your advances still lingers on.

It Reassures Her Of Your Intentions

Wooing a woman can be likened to a political campaign, and in most political situations, after the campaign period the politicians end up doing nothing they said they would in their manifestoes, this brought about the general thought that all politicians are liars.

This notion also goes for men; most men would state their intentions for a woman during the wowing stages, constantly sending messages just to drive the message home.

Now most men stop crafting these romantic love messages for her after the relationship kicks off, this notion is what has led many women to believe that all men are liars.

But if you are able to send her these little messages once in a while whilst the relationship ensues, it will always remind her that you actually did mean the things you said when your relationship was just an idea.

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Constantly ensure to keep the fire burning or reignite the flame if it has gone off, lest you gradually lose your relationship.

It Guarantees Her Emotional Safety

The most common problem every woman encounters in a relationship is the feeling of insecurity, the emotional tank of a woman is very shallow, and hence it needs to be constantly refueled in order for her to feel safe.

In the case that a woman no longer hears or sees those sweet words she got from you when the whole affair was at its infant stages, she usually feels vulnerable and uncertain of her place in your life.

Now you may not see this as an issue, probably you are certain of how you feel towards her and her place in your life, but she doesn’t and this is actually risky for you!

Because at this point other guys coming to her with these words and romantic love messages for her you used to craft would be perceived as the ones who would give her that safety she desires.

You May end Up Making Her Day

Sending romantic love messages for her is especially essential while you are away from your partner, maybe you are away on a business trip or have to work extended hours due to a company project.

Leaving a message for her at night that she could wake up to in the morning could be what the doctor ordered.

Waking up to gestures like this would actually allow her to enjoy her day happily even without your physical presence, your words would be enough consolation for her in the case that someone or something tries to get under her skin. During occasions like these barely anything can spoil her day.

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It Ensures A Happy Relationship

We are all familiar with the phrase “happy wife, happy life” and also “if you want a queen, treat her like one”, well those phrases are unadulterated and very true, as a woman treated well will be effortlessly submissive.

When she constantly gets romantic gestures like these messages from you, she would definitely want to keep them coming by reciprocating or even kicking it up a notch with her response, this would leave you in an all-round peaceful relationship with very little issues (guarantee you a problem-free relationship at least in the department of romantic gestures).

Although this “happy life” is a result of treating your woman like a queen, in reality, it helps you more than it actually helps her as it ensures your mental serenity in the relationship.


Sending romantic love messages for her cannot and shouldn’t be overlooked as it offers a host of benefits for your love life. Now go get those creative juices flowing and start crafting those messages, or you can use Google! Just start and thank me later.