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  • Signs you aren't a priority in your relationship

    11 Signs You Aren’t a Priority in Your Relationship

    This article will serve as a guide for you to know (if) Signs you aren’t a priority in your relationship and know when to do away with a relationship that’s not working. In every relationship, you will be the priority of your partner if they care about you. No matter what, they will not stop […] More

  • Qualities of women that attract men

    10 Qualities Of Women That Attract Men

    Well, there are a plethora of Qualities Of Women That Attract Men, will exhibit that a man will find attractive. If a woman is beautiful, it is one of the traits that attract a man; however, being beautiful is not everything. Every woman has different qualities that attract men. There are some qualities or character […] More

  • Freelance Jobs for Divorced Stay-At-Home Moms

    Well-Paid Freelance Jobs for Divorced Stay-At-Home Moms

    Working from home is always enjoyable and profitable when you have the right resources. For divorced women who now stay at home, flexibility is key to ensuring they get well-paid while freelancing. There are a plethora of well-paid freelance jobs that you can delve into and get paid enormously as divorced stay-at-home moms. What can […] More

  • Seduce Your Partner

    How To Seduce Your Partner In A Long Term Relationship

    How to Seduce your partner in a long term relationship should not be a mountain to climb. Your partner is your lover. You have every right to get him or her seduced to the highest level. You need to chase, seduce and tease your partner in your relationship. When there is passion in your relationship […] More

  • Signs He Is Definitely Flirting With You

    10 Signs He Is Definitely Flirting With You

    It is an amazing feeling when a guy is flirting with you and he is being friendly. Sometimes you cannot tell per se if he finds you attractive, lovable, desirable, treats you in a special way or just finds being with you awesome. You can never tell because your mind keeps guessing on what he […] More

  • Budget as a couple
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    How To Budget As A Couple

    If you are contemplating how to Budget as a couple, then this is the right article for you to read and digest. Your partner may be used to doing things their way and have their system of budgeting that works for them when he or she was single, but this is a different scenario because […] More

  • romantic signs he is interested in you

    10 Romantic Signs He Is Interested In You

    A guy may not tell you directly that he is interested in you. He may think it is not yet time to make the move or just decide to see how things will be. There are some romantic signs he will exhibit to show he is interested in you. From your end, you will be […] More

  • Red flags not to ignore when dating someone new

    10 Red Flags Not To Ignore When Dating Someone New

    Hence we have listed 10 red flags not to ignore when dating someone new. When dating someone new, there are red flags you should not ignore. It is easy to be caught up in the allure and effervescent ambiance of the person you are dating not to really observe the no-go-area of the person. We […] More

  • signs you are with a good man

    10 signs you are with a good man

    There are signs you are with a good man once you come across one. He will love you beyond words and support you always. Many women are in bad relationships because they don’t know what a good man is all about. You keep wondering when it comes down to relationships how some women end up […] More

  • 5 Love Languages In Marriage

    5 Love Languages In Marriage

    We cannot deny the fact there are a lot of books, audios and videos out there that have discussed about the 5 love languages in marriage. Couples express their love in different ways and they shouldn’t allow those differences to get in their way. As it is well known that every marriage requires constant communication, […] More

  • Thankful to your wife

    How To Be Thankful To Your Wife

    Just be thankful to your wife for everything she has done and keep doing for you and the family. Women are beautiful, intelligent, smart and lovely beings. To simply put, if you have a happy wife, you will have a happy home. This is a common saying in this part of the world. we have […] More

  • Thankful to your husband

    How To Be Thankful To Your Husband

    To be thankful to your husband for providing you with a home, clothing, and food is not prevalent in the contemporary homes we have. Do you care to see our post on How To Be Thankful To Your Wife? As a wife, you need to be thankful for your husband and appreciate the things your […] More

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