Signs He Is Definitely Flirting With You

It is an amazing feeling when a guy is flirting with you and he is being friendly.

Sometimes you cannot tell per se if he finds you attractive, lovable, desirable, treats you in a special way or just finds being with you awesome.

You can never tell because your mind keeps guessing on what he is after. He comes with different approaches every day.

He can even make it more confusing whenever he sends you text messages on phone. OMG! You are done with it.

Sometimes, he will be nice to you and you will think maybe he finds you attractive.

So many thoughts will run through your innocent mind as you keep looking for an answer.

Well, you don’t need to look further. We have deliciously selected 10 signs he is definitely flirting with you so as not to get yourself confused and baffled.

If guys are always around you, it will be difficult to read their body language most especially one that is always looking after you and loves to keep your company.

Let’s not dilly-dally. Below are the 10 signs you need to know if he is definitely flirting with you.

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10 Signs He Is Definitely Flirting With You

How he smiles at you

If he smiles at you salaciously or with a gleam in his eyes, he is giving you the signs that he is flirting with you.

However, you should note that we all have a different smile and how we laugh. A smile goes a long way on how a flirts with you. He may smile with his mouth closed or open by opening his teeth.

How he treats you

Some guys flirt with ease when they are with a woman. It is only natural for them to be flirty and charming towards women.

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Being chivalrous by a man towards women does not specifically mean he likes you. Watch how he treats you and how he treats other women.

If he focuses on you and pays attention to you more than other women, it is a clear cut sign that likes you. You will, therefore, be treated specially by him.

He touches you a lot

When a guy subconsciously touches you a lot that implies he wants to connect with you. If he likes you, he can’t do without touching you.

He will touch you for a long period of time even if he is handling you something or lean towards you when you are having a conversation with him.

A guy that flirts with you will playfully touch you more often and in a subtle way. He will not touch you inappropriately albeit for a long time.

While you are discussing, he will hold your shoulder, a hand on your knee, removes small dirt on your hair etc, then he is definitely flirting with you.

He recalls what you say

A guy that is flirting with you will surely remember every detail about you. In order for him to take a special interest in you, he will remember most of your last discussions.

When you told him a joke or story, your best food, your favourite flower, among other things, he will recall them.

He will pay rapt attention to what you say and do. He will want to know everything about you and your feelings as well.

When he remembers what you say, it is an evident sign that he is flirting with you.

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He wants to know your relationship status

If a guy wants to flirt with you, he will be interested in knowing your relationship status if you have a boyfriend or not. It is universal knowledge if he wants to know you are single or not.

There is no hidden place for this. If you are single and you affirmed it to him, he will likely respond, “Why will a beautiful lady like you be single?” This is a sign that he wants to flirt with you.

He will want to know if you are available and know how to play his cards with you.

His body language speaks volume

A guy that intends to flirt with you will be all over you. His body language will indicate that he is leaning and interested in you.

He will make constant eye contact with you as if you are the only one around. He will stay glued to your eyes, and when you speak with him, he will move closer to you.

Sometimes, he may tilt his head towards you and make his body language speak towards you.

He tries to impress you

When a man is flirting with you, he will want to overween on his achievements and what he can do. He will find a way to impress you.

Note that he won’t stay humble and keep quiet for you to find out about him.

He will continuously show or tell you about his promotion at his workplace, his talents among other things.

He will want to flatter you, but don’t take it as being arrogant. He just wants to flirt with you.

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How he tries to make you laugh

One of the strong points of a guy who intends to flirt with you is to make you laugh. How will he do this? He will break the ice with whatever is in his word bank.

In order to make you comfortable with him, he will tell you hilarious stories, jokes quip, etc. so as to make you laugh.

How he compliments you

Once a guy compliments you, he is definitely flirting with you. He will say words that will make you blush.

Besides, if he sees how dressed you are, he will say you are sexy, beautiful, lovely, gorgeous, etc.

This is a clear sign a guy is flirting with you when he compliments you on your appearance.

He makes you flutter

The ambience is not the same when you are interacting with him. He makes you nervous.

If you are enchanted to him when you are both talking, then it is a sign that he is definitely flirting with you.

You will notice that the atmosphere is different when you speak, and there is a kind of chemistry between you.


A guy may find you attractive and sexy by just flirting with you. But this doesn’t imply that he wants to commence a relationship with you.

Some guys are like that when they flirt. They may even see it as an opportunity to make you happy and they enjoy your company.

If he is emotionally interested in you, he will always want to be around you, make you happy, smile and keep your company. This is an obvious sign that he is definitely flirting with you.