Signs someone loves you more than you think

We have come up with 8 Signs someone loves you more than you think. No matter who you think your partner is there are some peculiar signs they will exhibit to show that they love you more than you think. It cannot be hidden, It is what will be visible to all.

In fact, your partner can love you more than you think they do because they will want to express their feelings to you as actions speak louder than words in love language.

If you think that your partner is not showing enough love as you may think or they don’t love you as much as you do, it might be due to miscommunication and misinterpretations.

Also, measuring how someone loves you or how they make you feel towards them by taking only a few actions to judge their love will amount to wrong interpretations.

Though love language is dynamic and not static; but we should not ignore real and deep love your partner show towards you.

Sometimes, you may feel that you are not connecting with your partner the same way as expected or you cannot figure out what is going on precisely.

Here, we have meticulously highlighted 8 signs that show someone loves you more than you think.

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8 Signs someone loves you more than you think.

You always have their attention

Irrespective of how you speak to them, you will always have their full attention any day and at any time.

They will always have their ways in appreciating your presence and as such, they will want to reciprocate your gesture giving you their full attention.

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No matter the stories, jokes, and mimics you do, they will laugh at them. In fact, you will feel the sense that they see you as the most important person on earth to them.

They find ways to touch you

More often than not, someone that loves you will always find ways to touch you.

It might be a handshake, arm around your shoulder, a pat on the back, tap on the arm, and a touch on your hair or head just to show that they care about you.

They might be walking down the street with you and they will hold your hands together with theirs. Or they might feel like wrapping themselves with you when you are with them.

If it is in the office, they may decide to pass a route that is longer to touch you or make you feel their presence. This is a clear sign that they love you more than you think.

They mimic your movements

Once you sense that they tend to mimic your style, movements, mode of speech and even food taste.

Just know that they are all over you. Mimicking is a sign that someone loves you more than you think because they think of you more often than you may not even imagine.

For instance, when you talk to them or someone else, and they make a gesticulation that you do make when you talk, then just know that it is a signal that they love you.

Holistically speaking, they will want to exude your traits no matter what you do to show you how much they love being with you or having you around them. They are attracted to you in many ways.

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They will invite to an event they are invited to

If they ask you that will you attend an event they are invited to, it is because they love you and would want you to be with them wherever they go.

Most especially if it has to do with a wedding party from their family side and they would love to come along with someone they are over-excited to be with.

They might not want to attend the event unless you express interest in going as well. It is a morale booster to them once you make up your mind to go. They will feel overboard.

They interact with you a lot on social media

OMG! Whenever you see them on social media, they always want to chat with you.

You are the only chit-chatter they will want to talk to on social media. They are addicted to you alone not others.

With the aid of social media, once they are lonely or not, they tend to chat with you or send you a message for you to keep their company and vice versa.

They remember the infinitesimal details about you

There is no doubt that many do not recall most of your dates or important details about you.

But if you have that one person that remembers your birthday, best food, tea with two cubes of sugar with a lot of milk and the tinniest details that you might not expect anyone to remember, be sure that the person loves you more than you think.

Humans are designed to care for others but not many are wont to remember things about you. Most especially things that are dear to you.

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They want to know more about you

If you observe that they want to know most of the interesting details about you, they love you and think about you a lot. When you consider the contemporary distractions of today’s society, you will agree with us that few people will pay attention to your likes and dislikes.

When they want to know your best food, best clothes, best music, best movie among other things, it is a sign that they like you.

They make you their priority

When someone makes you their priority and does not back out in anything that has to do with you, then it is an evident sign that they love you more than you think. They value your connection with them whether in a small or big way.

Others would have been their priority, but you are the only one that they deem fit to be of paramount importance to them.


When you have someone that constantly shows you the above mentioned 8 signs someone loves you more than you think, thus, they love you more beyond what words can express.

For instance, if you are the first person they turn to when they have issues or need advice, they do think about you when you are not together, they are thoughtful, they do the same things over for you over and over again among other signs, therefore, it is apparent that they are in love with you and will always want to be with you no matter whose ox is gored.