How to show a man that you love him

Relationship Tips

Love is a beautiful thing but I can only say that is true only when you are with the right person and for the right purpose(relationship) . I truly believe that in one way or other that we tend to feel love for that special someone in out heart who could our parent, siblings, friends and lovers. Normally for the females or rather the ladies, it is very easy for them to fall in love with that guy that fancies their heart for various reasons and they are willing to do anything just to make the relationship work out by trying as must as possible to show their men some good loving.

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Relationship Tips

Congratulations sis, you have managed to secure that guy’s heart by agreeing to be his lady and you are very lucky because among all the many fishes in the river, you are the one his hook caught and you are in a relationship with him but you are still finding it hard on how you can show him that you truly care and love him.
Well don’t worry because in this piece that you are already reading, I will be sharing with you some few tips on how you can truly prove to him that you are worth being in his life at the moment. So without any further delay these are some tips on how you as a lady can show love to your man.

Don’t ever try to be a parasitic lover who always want to be benefitting from the relationship alone. A relationship should be mutual, this means that there should be perfect understanding between the both parties involved. And this is where you have to show and give your man all the support and encouragement that you have got to give and besides he shouldn’t be the one that is giving all time. You can show and give support to your man through the following means; monetary support when necessary, advices and words of encouragement, being by his sides always most especially during his difficult times. He will surely appreciate you for life if you could do this for him and you will probably gain his respect too.

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As a lady, you can’t say that you are in a relationship if you don’t even make out time to spend your man that you said you love him. No matter how busy that you think you are, you should make out time from all your busy schedules to spend some quality time and moment with your man and please don’t always tell him that you are busy because that’s making him look as if he is jobless and doesn’t have things to do too because he wants your time and attention.Remember for any relationship to work out, it needs attention and effective communication and so both parties should be able to contribute to that equally.

Hey ladies whosoever told you that men don’t like you giving them gifts is a lair and besides who also told you that you can only gift your man only on special occasions like his birthday, Valentine etc. You should learn to start giving your man gifts whether there is an occasion or not to appreciate him for loving you back and being their for you. In case, you don’t know things like this usually spicy up relationships and makes it lively too. Learn how to appreciate your man through gifting him and also celebrate his big/ small wins with gifts too.

Having stayed together with this person for some time now, you should be able to know what his likes and dislikes are and this is one reason why should please avoid getting him annoyed and upset all the time. You can’t say you love some one but you keep on doing those things that get them angry repeatedly, I don’t think that’s love.

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