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Top 20 Amazing Love Quotes

Relationship, love Quotes

1.What is love?
Love is for the old not for young, because it needs a mature mine to endure love.

2.To cherish love you must act like a child, play together like a kids. When ever you find misunderstanding, you behave like the oldest by thinking mature.

3.It involve emotions, care and independent. Being with your lover feel you joy and strength.

4.Money is not love but it nurture love. If you received everything you need in life but without love, you are incomplete!

5.The pressure arise when you hope to experience loneliness but when you find love, you are free and find a partner that cherish you most.

6.If your lover doesn’t care, show your cares because love is independent.

7.Loving doesn’t mean you must obey all rules but make your rules and Agree to each other.

8.Feeling afraid to tell the wrong doing you do is not the right option because nothing under the sun is hidden, will soon expose and all the trust gone.

9.Trust is what everyone needs in a Relationship, if you understand your partner, why not give a trust?

10.If you have time together, why not have fun together? Tell stories, joke and celebrate together.

11.Expressing your love to your lover will fill more trust and joy!

12.True love doesn’t end even in a long distance relationship. There’s still a hope that the present is around.

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13.Love is a vision, you can’t go deep in love with someone who doesn’t have vision with you.

14.Love is all about giving and not about receiving… But fully accepted by the receiver.

15.If you are not disappointed by lover, you haven’t experience true love.

16.There’s happiness when you find the Love of your life, and painful when you are betray by lover.

17.Finding a perfect person will end you single until you know that no want is perfect.

18.You are in love but you don’t have control over your lover.

19.Forgiveness is what build up true love.

20.Love has is owned languages best on the person involve… There’s no comparison in love.