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From below story you will know the reason why Sarah Chose Him.

Why Sarah Chose Him www.relationship.com.ng 
Reason why

Sarah, a married woman,meetings our course mate(girlfriends) after many years of passing through school.

Ngozi is single while blessing is a divorced single mother ( a year after the marriage)

Ngozi said with a smile,
“You recalled how your Mom used to get so mad?”

Sarah’s phone rang, it was her husband. She received the phone call, her girlfriends were still joking and laughing…
everywhere were quite why they was a smile on their faces… As Sarah answered the call.

“Huni..,Okay my Darling . I will be home in about an hour. I love you too” she hang up…

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“That was my husband, he was calling to tell me he has seen the necklace we have been looking for in his car as he was parking. He has said hello to the both of you” Sarah told her two friends.

“How did you found such a good husband?
He’s caring!
Mine would have never done such a thing, I am glad I left the village champion of a man” said the divorced girlfriend, blessing.

“sure girl, where did you get such a husband? Good men are so hard to find” said Ngozi, who is single.

Sarah smiled and answered, “He got me, he saw that I was a keeper and each day, I promised to be the woman he wants to keep”

The girlfriend who is single asked Sarah “I remember how you and your husband met, before you got married to him.

Many men were after you by then, why did you choose him?

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What interests you, that made you choose him over other men?

If I remember right, there was this very rich guy who wanted you; name, “Sylvester”, said blessing (the divorced girlfriend.)

” Sylvester, you are right. And we all thought you would get married to Sylvester but why did you chose this one who is now your husband?

Sarah sipped her juice and answered “hmm… . Every single lady will get lots of suitors and attention from men.

I chose my husband because he needs me, not because he is rich.

The rich man you are talking about, Sylvester, was interested only on himself.

Sylvester, look good, cultured, fashionable and ladies were after him; he could have given me anything I want because he could afford it, but he didn’t need me.

In addition, money is not applicable to it, because there was another one, “Sendolo” who wasn’t that wealthy.

But Sendolo too didn’t need me, never allowed me in his life, never consulted me, he puts a line between me and him.

He want to have Sex with me; but he didn’t need me. He thought I was just a beautiful and sexy woman to have.

There was also a pretender, “Yarkpawolo” who behave to be the man that he wasn’t.
There was also Saah, who thought the way to please me was to buy me gifts.

And then my precious husband came closer and made me feel needed.”

Then Ngozi asked further, “How does a lady know a man needs her?”

Sarah touched her wedding ring and answered her:

“When a man needs you, he will tell you everything about himself.

He will show you his weaknesses, he won’t pretend to be someone he’s not.

He will invite your advise, he will keep saying how you create him better, you’ll see evidence of how your love is changing him for the higher and he will accept correction once you tell him he’s wrong.

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Also, He will show you his emotions, he won’t be scared of you seeing his scars , he is going to be frightened of losing you, he will share with you his success and his failures.
He will apologize when he hurts you, he will please you because you’re the lady who nurtures his future with him, and he will offer you his time.

He is going to be thirsty for your conversations, he will elevate you above every other woman, you’ll be the primary person he tells both good and bad news or any ideas in his head.

A man who thinks he’s OK all by himself yet says he loves you, doesn’t need you. Such a man can easily use you and dump you leaving you with a heart break.

A man may have tons of wealth or not, but does he need you?
Love isn’t love if you’re not needed” Blessing (The girlfriend who is divorced) just nodded in agreement…

Sarah continued saying, “He who finds a wife finds an honest thing and obtains favor from God. It means there’s a special quite favor my man should get once I inherit his life.

We women are created to nurture and every one we’d like is to tend the space to nurture.

Give us land, we’ll nurture it into a garden; give us a toddler , and can nurture the kid to an adult; and when a person gives us his love, we nurture him to be a good greater man. We build an empire as a few .

A woman cannot nurture a person who feels he doesn’t need her. As a woman, we gain fulfillment out of being there for the person we love, we would like to feel relevant and special. When a person doesn’t allow his woman to like him and be there for him, she feels rejected and unappreciated, denies her the prospect to nurture.

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Men who are with a lady they do not need; they cheat her, they beat her up, they insult her, they take her without any consideration , they belittle her and that they destroy her”

“You are so right my sister” the divorced girlfriend said folding her hands in greater agreement.

“A man who needs you’ll care about your smile. He will value you, respect you, hear you, praise you, protect you because he needs your love, he needs your peace of mind, he doesn’t skills to measure without you, you’re in every decision he makes. He knows when he takes care of you, he’s searching for himself because your well-being is his well-being.

He cannot leave you because you’re too precious; he knows no woman can love him such as you do, no woman has stood by him such as you have.

A man who needs you’ll value the wedding you two have and he will always be with you.”

Then a message alert came on Sarah’s phone. She read the message and smiled. it had been a message from her husband.

“What all the grins about Sarah?” the girlfriend who is single asked…

Sarah showed them the message on her phone: The message was a photograph selfie of her husband with their four year old daughter holding a bit of paper that was written, “You are the simplest mom within the world”.

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