Top 15 Sex Tips For People In Long Distance Relationships

Long Distance Relationships

—SEX COMPLEMENT LOVE IN RELATIONSHIPS— by some school of thought.

It is an undeniable fact that as young people grow in their relationships, their desire to be with one another becomes stronger; even much on the intimacy levels.
So, the drive to constantly be with each other no matter the circumstances arises.
But, what about the people that are in long distance relationships- not living together nor stays together in same location. They are far apart – what becomes of them, their plight.
Are you in such situations?
Do you want to manage it?
Let dive into it, especially the SEX aspect of it.

You can make your long distance relationships’ sex life stronger and better through these procedures:

  • Regular phone call conversation:
    Technology has made things relatively easy now, at the comfort of your home you can easily press a button and you are already communicating with whomever you want to. Communication is one of the key pillars in relationships’ especially long distance relationships -where you sole rely on it to forge ahead. Constantly calling your partner reminds them that you truly care about them and they matter -much to you, and not even the distance between you two can become an impediment. It makes the thoughts of you/about you to revolve around their minds constantly.
  • Exchange of pictures:
    (especially nudes)
    Pictures does lots of mental works to the mind. It easily penetrate into the mind in seconds just like involuntary actions. Pictures tell more stories both the imaginable and unimaginable ones.
    It create mental impact that can last within the span of time. Exchanging pictures (both electronically and non-electronical means) shows that you have trust in each other and helps build better understanding in the relationship. Show your partner that you adore and cherish the pictures so much by framing them onto the wall or using them as wallpapers on your phone. And when it has to do with nudes, reviewing them constantly. This would arose the interest of your partner to even send more to you.
  • Video Chatting. Phone Sex: (boarding on ‘SEX’ chatting)
    Technology keeps making life easier.
    With the aid of modern technology your sex life can be improved on your long distance relationship. Via Video chatting with you partner you can do lots of crazy stuff as though you are with them physically present. Just as the former above can help to some extent. This aspect becomes even more intimate; people tends to retain what the see more and are moved instincts through what the see! Just like the truism: Seeing is believing. This aspect create a mental picture with your brain that lasts longer than expected. It helps broaden your horizons on other means of sexual pleasure and overall general sex experience. It creates the urge to desire your partner more, having to have more frequent phone sexing. It discourages ‘the out of sight out of mind’ notions. It bonds the both partners more as the sexual ecstasy created leaves less to be imagined.
  • Conversations on past amazing sex experience:
    Literally, bringing up topics on sex, usually arose sexual stimulus. Creating the urge to listen more, left alone, when it has to do with past awesome experience that literally blew up the mind of your partner and his/her sexual understanding.
    Topics on such would continue to give rise to more exciting sexual interest in the future.
  • Sending sex related gifts/packages or presents:
    (Like pants,bras, underwears)
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Gifting does wonders, especially when the gift(s) comes from a loved one that is so dear to you and means a lot. Occasionally, sending such sexually related gifts sets the mind of your partner in motion as to what to expect.
You may ask to see, how it perfectly fits them during video chatting with a view of interest.
Which results into sexual excitement and aroused feelings.

  • Being open minded about sex: Being open minded with people begets trust.
    Having interest in matters relating to sex, would help you to be open minded and freely discuss your sexual flaws and strength. Exchanging ideas on what works best for the both of you.
    Even if you are the type that doesn’t show interest in sexually related matters or the type that shys away from such; where as, you fantasize such! Pretend!!! As not doing so, would give rise to your partner suspecting that you are hiding something from him/her, hiding such free expressions speaks volumes to your partner’s trust in you directly or indirectly.
  • Bring up topics relating to sex:
    People you are in intimate relationships definitely desires to be with one another. To cuddle each other.
    Wishper sweet words to each other.
    Share amazing things together.
    This giving rise to togetherness.
    In most cases, resulting into sexual feelings and sex eventually. Topics relating to sex when discussed about in long distance relationship helps keep the desire of wanting to be with each other afresh.
  • Early morning and night calls:
    Having to wake-up to the phone call of your loved one, someone that means the whole world to you. Is one of the most amazing things to experience; especially when its not an emergency. Just to know how you are! It keeps your partner feeling happy all-day and you constantly in their minds through the morning. As with the nature of a healthy male adult human being with their early morning rise(involuntary early morning erection),During this moment of natural occurance, they would forever appreciate the call of their female partner and in turn being happy all-day.
    Night call, can never be left out of this. Calling your partner at night before they sleep, asking how their day was. Helps grow the bonding and,in most cases, result in you having to dream about them in your dreams.
  • Check up call: This may be done with caution,as going out of place would result in rejections. Calling your partner during work or at leisure to know how they are faring constantly keep you in their minds.
    It strengthens the communication level between you two which is one of the key pillars in relationships’.
    You don’t necessarily have to be calling them at every hour, as that and it’s like would be viewed as monitoring by your partner. Adults usually hate the idea of montoring their personal life especially in an offence ways by their partner. So,
    your calling and checking on how to help out your partner should be put into proper prospective as to achieve the needed results.
  • Reading books and magazines on sex:
    Reading is a wonderful adventure that needs to be explored!
    Reading renounced books on sex helps grow your understanding, experience towards maintaining your long distance sex relationship with your partner.
    Enlightening, entertaining and education you, is the book on sex. Among other things, taking you off loneliness and engrossed with the the book itself and of the thoughts of your partner.
  • Appreciating each others’ body structure/ Parts:
    Appreciation enkindle unending joy from the receiver.
    When you begin to appreciate and show special concerns to certain body parts of your partner, more attention is shifted to that part and the body owner take cognizant of that, in some occasion, your partner make understand the kind of message you are trying to send across and may consequently will in. Especially, in sexual aspect.
    Appreciating the beauty in their areas places lots of concerns in your partner’s mind on the extent of love and affections you have for him/her and their body.
  • Sharing secret:
    Secret is gold.
    In long distance relationship, partners tends not to see each other or know what they are up to at any given point in time.
    Understanding to share secret with your partner is important and instrumental to the success of the relationship. When you freely share your secrets and shortcomings to you partner they tend to love you more and own it up to you that you truly love them. This aspect is also among the key pillars of long distance relationships.
  • Sharing past love experiences:
    In other to avoid ugly situations in your relationships, you ought to take preventive measures to avert some preventive mistakes.
    Suspicion rate is quite high in long distance relationships.
    Betrayal, backbiting and emotional blackmailing. All can be avoided by truthfully telling and letting your partner know and become aware of your past love affairs- how it started, how it ended and your present stand on such- giving no room for suspicions.
    Give – out information on possible advancement from the opposite sex and how you rejected and took up the situations. This would grow the bonding and trust between you two.
  • Truthfulness:
    It is an undeniable fact that relationships that started on lies and deceit is bond to fail eventually, it might take time; but the is nothing hidden under the sun, it will surely fail.
    In as much as, you don’t see each other regularly in long distance relationships. It becomes rather imparative to always say the truth.
    Doing so, will eventually be beneficial than harmful to the relationship,it gives room for more trust and understanding about your partner.
    It shuns gossipers from invading into the relationship.
  • Finding time to visit each other:
    It certainly would be out of place, if after my write up, I omitted this aspect.
    Creating time out to visit your partner is quite essential, if you can afford that. It makes the bonding more stronger and the excitement and joy of having to be with each other fulfill at some point.
    It brings out the hidden undiluted affections hid for long awaiting to be expressed without an hitches.
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When you consider these tips and put the to use. Your relationship sex life will tremendously turn around for good.

Look ups /search:
Books/search results: making my relationship better.
Understanding the opposite sex mentality towards sex.
Meet with relationship counselors.
Listen to love musics often.
Listen to relationship talk shows.

Thank you for finding out time to read.