11 Signs You Aren’t a Priority in Your Relationship

Signs you aren't a priority in your relationship

This article will serve as a guide for you to know (if) Signs you aren’t a priority in your relationship and know when to do away with a relationship that’s not working.

In every relationship, you will be the priority of your partner if they care about you.

No matter what, they will not stop thinking about you and will always want to be with you, and make you happy. If not, you aren’t a priority in your relationship.

Your partner will consider you in your relationship with them while not neglecting the basic things of life they will have to face personally.

That means he or she will be able to strike a balance between your relationship and other things of life.

When you are with your partner, there are some clear signs that they will exhibit and you will get to know that you are their priority or attach importance to your presence.

They will make you feel special, confident, and always have their back when you need them.

They will prioritize you as much as you have prioritized them. This goes hand in hand with the fact that your partner wants the relationship forward. You will get to see some obvious signs that you are important to him or her.

We cannot deny that there are some circumstances beyond your partner control that they will be preoccupied with something important to make things work. But, when they are done, they will get in touch with you.

So, the following are 11 signs you aren’t a priority in your relationship.

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Signs You Aren’t a Priority in Your Relationship

They don’t keep to time

If your partner is always late to meet you or you have an appointment to catch up with, but they fail to appear on time, it is a sign that you aren’t a priority to them.

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Your partner must know that your time is crucial to you and them. They must value your time as well as yours.

When they don’t keep to dates and appointments, it is a bad sign you aren’t a priority in your relationship.

They don’t initiate communication

When you are in a relationship and your partner doesn’t initiate contact with you, then you might be dating yourself. You are the one that always makes the call, send romantic love messages and break the ice, it is not a healthy sign of a good relationship.

You are not your partner’s primary concern as they have other things important to do. If he or she doesn’t stay in contact with you, it is an indication that your communication with them is one way sided.

They don’t recall special occasions

If your partner does not put much meaning to your birthday, valentine, and wedding anniversary among others and fail to treat you as you wish or expected of them to do, it is one of the signs that you are not a priority in your relationship.

So, you are just like other persons and do not need to be treated specially.

They make you feel as if you are single

What is the point of being in a relationship and you still feel as if you are single? No point, right?

If your partner does not give you the special treatment and make things lively for you that you are truly in a relationship, it is a red flag.

They don’t create time for you

Creating time for your partner in a relationship goes to show that you care about them. It is a sign that you cherish the relationship you have.

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When your partner fails to create time for you even if they are busy, and when they become less busy they do not deem it fit to create lovely and desire time for you, it is an obvious sign that you are not a priority in your relationship.

They don’t make plans with you

Your partner only makes their plans by themselves without consulting you. Even if you are dating or married, your partner should have the knack to ask for your opinion on things they intend to do not just by doing it alone.

Anyone you are in a relationship with should take you as a priority when the need arises most especially on their job, family, friends, etc. They need to plan with you to show they care.

They don’t make you see their friends and family

A partner that uses style to deny you of knowing about their friends and family may have something sinister they don’t want you to know.

Their friends and family members are important to them as well as you too. This is not a good sign that you are in a relationship that takes you as a priority.

They keep disappointing you

When your partner keeps disappointing you, this is a silent killer. They fail to meet their promises or renege on their promises.

Your wants and needs are not met. This is an exception of a few cases where they couldn’t fulfil their promises due to circumstances beyond their control.

They don’t make you happy

A partner that doesn’t make you happy doesn’t take you as a priority in your relationship. Probably, they are just making use of you to pass time.

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Your happiness should be paramount to them. They will do whatever it takes to make you happy.

They don’t want to improve on their bad behaviour

No one is perfect and we all work towards making ourselves the best version we can see.

However, when your partner has bad behaviour which they might not notice and you tell them if they refuse to do so, it is a sign that you are not a priority in your relationship. Your partner will change or stop their egregious habit because of you if they truly love you.

They lack interest in life

Life, as we know, is not a bed of roses and sometimes we will have our bad and good moments. But, when your partner fails to pick up interest in life generally, it is a clear sign that they don’t want to improve and do not take you as a priority in your relationship.

They make things boring without any effort to take the tedium away.


You deserve the best partner in life because life is too short to make it prosaic and horrible. Your partner should love you and show you that they really do.

There is a need for you to be with a partner who cannot help but make you their priority. Your love life should be an amazing and lovely experience.

Thus, do away with a relationship that doesn’t make you feel great, bring the best out of you and have the best of love in life. Don’t forget to reciprocate your partner’s gestures if they show signs you are a priority to them.