Love Messages For Your Partner

Whether you are about to get into a relationship with someone, you are in a fresh relationship, you are dating, just got married, and have been married for a longtime send Love Messages to Your Partner could rekindle your passion for one another and remind your partner that they made the right choice in picking you.

Relationships are the easiest thing to start really, but good relationships are quite difficult to find and even more difficult to maintain.

One oversight many people have concerning relationships is the importance of sending text messages to your partner.

In this article, we are going to look at appropriate text messages to send to your partner.

I will be categorizing the messages according to the stage you are in your relationships, although these messages are mostly applicable to everyone in a relationship, there are some that are specific to certain relationship levels.

The messages are categorized thus:

  • Sweetest I love you messages (These are specific for fresh relationships and intending couples)
  • Deep love messages for your partner (These are specific for dating and married couples)
  • Love messages to him from the heart (These are applicable to every level in your relationship)
  • Love messages to her from the heart (Same as above)

Table Of Contents

Love Messages For Your Partner

Sweetest I Love You Messages

As stated above these messages are for those asking someone out especially, but are still applicable to those already dating. So you want to win that boy or girl’s heart? Get in here;

  • “My love for you can be likened to a movie that never ends, and I want to watch this movie for eternity”
  • The bible says, love thy neighbor as thyself, well… I think I may have sinned because sweetheart; I love you more than I love myself
  • Life may not go as we intend it to, but put this at the back of your mind; whatever happens, whatever life throws at us, I will love you forever
  • When the moon can no longer give light, when the heavensand the earth no longer exist, when the sun fails to illuminate the day…whateveroccurs , I will love you still
  • If seeing the inside of me were a possibility, all you will find inside of me is my love for you
  • Life may be unfair, life may be kind, life may leave a sour taste in your mouth, life may have a sweet taste; no matter the situation my love, I will love you all my life
  • I can be the woman of your dreams , I love you to an extent you can’t imagine
  • From the very moment we met, it felt like I had known you before, eventually I realized you were my world before life itself began
  • From the very day I fell in love with you, that was the beginning of my inner peace, my serenity, my dear I am hopelessly in love with you
  • If the world begins to burn, and we had to run to safety…sweetheart I will never leave your hand, we will run to the ends of the earth together, I love you
  • You are so distant, yet so close, I feel your presence around, I cannot physically touch you, but I am able to hold you closely. No matter where you may be, you will always dwell in my heart
  • Whenever you admire God’s beautiful creatures do not forget that you are also one of them, amazing , special and unique…I love you

Deep Love Messages Your Partner

These love messages are specifically for fresh couples (married and dating) but as always are applicable to everyone else;

  • My darling, you do not know how much you have touched my heart and grabbed my soul…you changed my entire world and my life is better…thanks to you
  • Each time I close my eyes, look in the mirror, think, eat and even when I breathe, all I see, feel and hear is your angelic face, your bright smile, your smell and your touch
  • I am certain that no matter what occurs on the earth, my compassion for you will never dwindle, never waver, never falter…it will be solid, steady and oh so true. This is my sincerest promise to you
  • My darling, there is no love deeper than mine in this world, there are no boundaries to what I am willing to do to make sure you are happy, I will ensure that the bond between you and I never break, sweetheart we will have a love that would outlast eternity
  • The love I have for you can be likened to life, it is blissful and for eternity
  • My love take a deep gaze into my eyes and see all of me…reach for my essence and feel my soul that is overwhelmed by the  very aura of love…sweetheart this love can only be for you, it yearns for you, it has ignited a flame that can never be put out
  • Without you loving me, I am like the fig tree bearing no fruits, without having you I am like the middle of the red sea when the Israelites crossed it, without you I am like a chicken, a bird that can’t fly. Sweetheart I love you with every essence of my being
  • I have intense feelings of love for you that flows from my soul, my heart and the entirety of my being. Currently my entire existence is based on the love I have for you
  • In all my life, no one has made me feel this way. You motivate me to go down the bottom of my heart to passionately love you with all the intimacy I can
  • I get jealous of your clothes, your watches, your shoes, your belt… Do you know why? Because they get to hold your body, your hands, walk with you and hold your waist
  • I may not have been your first love, may not have had the first lips you kissed, may not have been you first date, but sweetheart all I could ever want right now is to be your all in all I have mentioned
  • If I had the privilege of being a tear in your I would go down your lips. But if  you happen to be a tear in my eyes, I would never shed a dear for fear of losing you

Love Messages To Him From The Heart

These messages are for ladies in a relationship (married and dating) this would help you remind him how much he means to you and how much you value him.

  • To a lot of people you may be a boy, but sweetheart you are no doubt the man of my dreams
  • Seeing you smile is the best feeling in this entire world, because I know I am behind your smile, happiness, joy and love
  • I have three kisses for you, one; because I am in love with you, two because you are my world, and three because you make me effortlessly happy.
  • Whenever I have my hand in yours, I feel like wonder woman, like I can face any challenge and conquer any obstacle
  • I do not need expensive gifts, luxury cars, a mansion with servants, I just need you with me. That is sufficient for me
  • I go to bed every night with pleasant thoughts of our future together
  • There were times I dreamt of existence without you, existence with you, now that I have you, I only dream about you
  • Good morning my king, rise and shine, today is a lovely day and we have the beautiful sun, most importantly we have our love that brightens our lives
  • Sometimes I may not understand you, other times you may not understand me, but sweetheart you are the best person I have come across
  • I must be the luckiest lady on the earth’s surface to have found such a sexy, cute and exciting man like you, I hope we can stay together for eternity, I Love You!
  • I used to think all men were the same, and I still do because you my love are not a man, you are an angel. I Love You My Angel!
  • If I had to come back to the world three more times, you are the man I would choose over and over and over again, because no one has been able to complete me like you do. I love you!

Love Messages To Her From The Heart

Now it is time for the men, you need to show her how much ypou love her and what she means to you with these love messages;

  • Having you in my life, made me want to keep living, you gave me something worth fighting for and something to look up to daily. I appreciate you for being a part of my life
  • I am grateful to you, my life had never felt so meaningful, your middle name should be perfection, and beauty is the appropriate word to define you. I promise to never break your heart, I promise not to stress you emotionally. I promise to always love you truly for the rest of my life
  • If a have the chance, I would love to be the fire that heats that heartwarming smile of yours, sweetheart I would love to be the air that passes through your nostrils, most importantly I am glad my dreams finally came to pass and that is having you in my life. I will be in your debt for eternity showing me what true love really is
  • You are everything I could ever ask for. You have showed me love in unexpected ways I couldn’t have wished for anything more, all I want is the both of us forever. Till I draw my last breath, I will always cherish you. You are the best woman; I love you
  • God must have sent you into my life, because you are indeed a blessing, you have made me feel truly alive daily. I thank God daily because you are the best gift he has given to me. I want to use this medium to let you know how much I cherish and love you
  • I refer to you as my queen, because with you I feel like a king. A relationship with you is paradise on earth; I cannot afford to live without you. My heart dwells with you. I am helplessly in love with you
  • Each day without you feels like oxygen has gone on vacation. I would not be able to breathe if you leave. You complete me like no woman has ever been able to, I love you my lady
  • If it is considered wrong to be in love with you, then being right is not an option. You make me come alive; you are the last puzzle to my completion. Sweetheart you are my true soul mate. Words cannot quantify how much I love you
  • Sweet girlfriend of mine, my love, my heartthrob, my air, my essence…loving you is the greatest thing I have ever done. I am thankful we have something beautiful between us. Sending you kisses, hugs and my heartfelt love
  • Never in my life have I ever been afraid oflosing anyone or anything until I met you. The very idea of a day without you kills me gently. I will never let go of this new addiction. Baby I will always be sick because you are my drug
  • Each time I stare at you, I feel like you are an angel. No woman has ever been this sweet to me, you illuminate my world and every part of me and I will never cease staring at you. Please my lady; I want you to be mine for the remainder of my time on earth. I love you lady of my heart
  • My darling girlfriend, nothing can be compared to the feeling of joy i have whenever you are with me. You are the sunshine that enlightens my day, you are my peace. Thank you for being with me. I am totally in love with you


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I hope these messages help you keep your love lives interesting and keep your fire burning