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Yes, why do ladies remain single.
It is proven that some ladies of matured relationship age are still single, without any issue as to their present circumstance, expect to themselves not seeking solutions.

Few other ladies, desire to be cherished, loved and cared for in a romantic relationship. But, they can’t help it either still being single and not engaged in one.

Some school of thoughts believes that single ladies that ultimately chose to remain single has some connections with spirituality(the spirit world, and other diabolic motions and belief systems)

They are some ladies who are burdened with this plague of a disease of not being with a partner over their lifetime.

Why Ladies Remain single

Seminar conveners/organizers have tried to remedy the ugly situation, the results of such are view after on the life of the seminar attendee.
Why are you here, if not to seek solutions. Or affected by this, directly or indirectly.

What then does this post tends to achieve; is it to criticize and apportion blames on these ladies for their choice(for some of them) or on the predicament they face being helpless to it in all views.

No, is not! Is to give proven reasons why ladies remain single and for some that seek solutions to see through these reasons and make out ways of helping themselves out. As the reasons when looked upon can be suggestive to people seeking solutions.

Time now, to beam our searchlight extensively on the subject matter. Reasons that such tends to occur:

Yes! When you make use of the dictionary, you would be able to know the full meaning of the word. Or better still, ladies of this century tends to over define this word far more than the dictionary with pictorial and vivid illustration to drive it home.

At the rate in which ladies are desperate about being infancy, mind formulated relationship is quite alarming. Daring the consequences; if at all there wasn’t any, to the own detriment.

They fantasize heaven on earth in this instances on their desperation; rich, wealthy, foolish and senseless man. Whom would for no reason, spend all he has on them.

‘Drain him up’ they say. All in the name that he is in promising relationship with them(lady) in most cases, these men are blindfolded and when they realizes what must have happened, it is too late to either make amends or recover. ‘The prey has been digested’ they usually say.

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The culprit(lady) is now nowhere to be found by the man, while in the actual sense the culprit is roaming seeking the next prey to devour.
Tell me! How would such lady reason to settle-down. As she see her work as a lurrective business booming with success!

To these men they have already marked the face of the lady/is never to have anything to do with her/them again, if possible, when seen by these men, she/they reports them/her to the police for a case of defrauding.

What about the young promising guys who desire to be with such lady, their desires are cut short simply because they can never dance to the tune of her constant demands and her promiscuous ways of living.

To such lady, she is indeed single and emotionally lonely. The prospect of such lady moving out of singles lists soon and being engaged or married is shattered as she may like to continue with her profitable illicit venture and no man in his right senses would take cognizant of such wayward lady as it concerns to marriage and serious engagement

Low self-esteem:
Yes! It’s a factor that needs to be reckoned with! As earlier as in childhood development these factors develop. It becomes rather too imperative to consider the positive aspect of it.

This does more harm than good to its inhabitant. Some ladies are too emotional, one-sided and have segmental views of things- by a school of thoughts.

This in mind, suggest and give rise to the fact; which is true, that some adult female thinks act and behavior with the notion that they are no match to their male counterpart.

This then, boiling down to personality, with such a similar notion, some ladies feel that they are no match to a particular guy or males in general and conveniently, she well may lack the prerequisites skills,understanding, knowledge and the boldness to be in such relationship with the opposite sex.

Except the mentality of such person is revamped. Singleness and loneliness still have a hood and parts to play in her life. This is most commonly obtainable in village. Where there is no exposure and the likes.

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Religious type:
These set of ladies share same common mindset.
They believe that having intimate relationship before marriage or any form of hidden relationship with the opposite sex; especially, when the opposite sex tends to be a pagan or not of their denomination, is tantamount to doom for them and their Christian life and pursuit to righteousness and attainment of the ultimate reward in heaven. -According to some school of thoughts.

They engage in intensive and extensive praying and fasting for the perfect being, that would eventually metamorphose into marriage with them, marrying them instantly without having a worldly, ill-motivated, unreligious, satanic bad and unholy string of relationship attached, not even, to mention sex.

Is may/ will be viewed as tantamount to doom if, they naturally feel obsessed with the feelings for, and thoughts of this romantic, charming, funny, caring and handsome guy; that maybe, a pagan or an absolutely worldly person. In their minds, when they ought not to. This is interpreted as, fall for temptations easily and unguarded.

To such, if, you are approaching them as the opposite sex that you are, you ought to come in on the scriptural perspective, whereby, you may need to exercise your scriptural prowess in an unforeseen(by you, rather) scriptural combat.

Taking up relationship sides at first in this approach; I think the embarrassment is better imagined than experienced, these ladies would rather make you worst than when you never approached them.
Going after, suitors is not on their dictionary of things.

At this point, they would now be single for long, waiting for an angel in bodily form to show up and take them to the altar in a quick sessions with the most holy manner and behavior. There are exemptions to this, as well.

Working-class ladies:

  • Good pay at month-end.
  • Nice house.
  • Awesome cars.

These are the characteristics of such ladies, to them, they are ok. And, probably lacks nothing.

What matters to them and of utmost priority is their job/business which they become so engrossed on with their emotional feelings and affections- that ought be expressed towards the opposite sex- that they don’t realize easily that they have turned to be workaholic. Now, at this point, affections diminishes, resulting in not showing care and affections.

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Some whom have had to been in a relationship on this category in the past with the opposite sex, tends to feel disappointed and used: ‘they don’t usually see the handwriting on the wall’ early enough.

They don’t sacrifice their time and presence to be with the opposite sex, they don’t bond together, she only shows her affluence always- lavishing wealthy constantly on the opposite sex think that that is all to it-, the intimacy is far fetched, the opposite sex on his own won’t be enthusiastic and appreciative of such relationship exempt for the money involved and may soon leave such relationship.

On the ladies’ part, she feels that she is well to do, and money would definitely satisfy and stand-in for her physical presence when she is needed the most; when cuddling knocks on the door! Little do they know that they would lose their relationship on such grounds.

To such ladies, they keep getting the same result over and over again in an opposite-sex intimate relationship without them noticing the fault from them. To such, the rather stay and wait for the type of opposite sex who would understand them better and accept the whole.

The clock continues to tick, and years go-by, as they do not bother: as their material needs are always meant.

Not until age sets in and they realize that luck is about to run out on them, in which desperation sets in at this point.

You can agree with me that among other factors too numerous to mention here; because of time or probably in my next article- so stick around for it/ as well as solutions to it- are proven to be the factors behind some ladies remaining single- you can as well check the potency of such claims, if you doubt, by carrying out the search by yourself, look into the life of those ladies and see if you wouldn’t find such one or two factors in their life’s.

I would recommend some books, movies and audio recordings as I digest the solution in my next article. As well ponder more on almost all the factors which I didn’t mention here.

In turn, helping you to find the category, you are on the possible way-out / remedy.

Happiness is quite intoxicating!