How To Seduce Your Partner In A Long Term Relationship

Seduce Your Partner

How to Seduce your partner in a long term relationship should not be a mountain to climb.

Your partner is your lover. You have every right to get him or her seduced to the highest level.

You need to chase, seduce and tease your partner in your relationship. When there is passion in your relationship you need to nurture it because it is a long term relationship.

Many couples find it extremely difficult to seduce their partners as they are busy with the activities of life such as home chores, taking care of the kids, office work, etc.

So, it is dangerous for a relationship to nosedive into an abyss while both partners are preoccupied with other things of life.

When you pay utmost attention to your sex life, there is a high propensity that you will enjoy your relationship or marriage. If obverse is the case, then your sex life will be prosaic and mundane.

The quality of your sex life will improve dramatically if you pay attention and you take seducing your partner in a long term relationship a priority.

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let’s tell you why you should seduce your partner

Why you should seduce your partner

If you have been in a long term relationship with your partner, you may find it difficult to renew how to seduce your partner.

The passion you had when you first started your relationship may have whittled away.

Most especially if you get comfortable with each other, your relationship may become monotonous as the person that makes you feel happy before has turned to someone you just have a conversation with and that is all.

Your partner may need a little seduction so that you can be aroused. Some partner may not be in the mood to have sex due to the stress they pass through daily in their workplace, homes or while shopping.

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You will need to make them horny. More often than not, some women are not always ready to have sex, unlike their male partners. So, you will need to make them feel horny.

If the libido of your partner is dying down and they are not interested in having sex anymore or often, then you will need to put them in the mood and give them time to recover and be in the mood.

One of the big reasons why you should seduce your partner is to make your significant other horny so as to have better and more sex that both of you will enjoy.

Thus, you need to continuously make an undying effort to seductive towards your partner.

Seducing your partner makes them feel desired and better about themselves which will, in turn, make your relationship blossom. It makes them feel more confident and powerful.

It also increases and improves your bond with your partner. You will have a stronger connection and it increases your intimacy with them which makes you appreciate each other the more.

Do you know the best part of seducing your partner? It is to have passionate sex with him or her because they made you crave for it. You can barely turn down the offer.

Thus, we have for you a list of how to seduce your partner in a long term relationship.

Make your appearance sexy

Do you really want to seduce your partner? Then, you will need to be attractive to your partner. Dressing in a sexy way will make your partner be in the mood sometimes.

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As they say, appearance is deceptive…lol. You will need more than heavy makeup and make your hair fluff. And you don’t need to wear anything uncomfortable to look sexy.

What you need to do is to wear lovely and sexy underwear that will titillate and titivate your partner. Wear something that will be comfortable with you and at the same time looking sexy.

Talk dirty

One of the most powerful tools seducing your partner in a long term relationship is to talk dirty.

If you have the dexterity in saying words that are sexy or seductive, you will have higher chances by putting your partner in the mood.

You will need to spice up your bedroom on the saucy side by making your partner feel loved and wanted.

You can flirt while cooking your partner’s breakfast or getting ready for work. Express words of a compliment towards your partner and whisper in his ear.

Tease your partner with words that they will come running to have sex with you. Your lover is your partner and you need to make yourself wanted.

Send a flirtatious message to your partner

With the aid of digital technology, such as your mobile phone, computer and other gadgets you can use to communicate with your partner, endeavour to send sexy messages to your partner and make their day a lovely one.

Make your partner’s imagination be of help to them. You will whet their appetite by enhancing your love life with them.

Chat your partner via apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter inter alia.

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Technology has made the world easy and your love life should improve as well. You can decide to send messages such as, “I can’t wait to have you in me”, “Let me take care of you tonight”, “You and I have a special treat on the bed”, “I cannot stop thinking about you.”, etc. All of these will spice up your relationship.

Surprise your partner

Showing the element of surprise to seduce your partner is a turn on to anyone.

Kiss him or her from behind. Bit your lips salaciously and make your head do the rest to entice your partner.

You will be amazed to see the result of surprising your partner the least way they expected it.

Grab the door before your partner does and lead him or her to the bedroom while you come home early to surprise him or her.


Having better sex, better organism, relationship and marriage is not rocket science.

There are many couples out there who have achieved a lot by seducing their partner in a long term relationship.

After all, it is in the best interest of you and your partner to be attracted to each other. No one is ever happy in a relationship that does not have an element of seduction in it.

Seducing your partner in a long term relationship is not complicated once you are creative, determined and you put in your effort to make your partner and yourself experience the best sex always.

Just don’t forget to have fun in whatever you do. Be yourself and make your relationship a worthy one and a dream come true.