Abusive Relationship

Being in a toxic relationship is akin to taking poison and expects to survive. An abusive relationship with the receiving partner is not a good means for an intimate relationship.

It makes the person at the receiving end to be battling an inferiority complex.

Once there is a sign of erratic and inappropriate behavior towards you that your partner exhibits more often than not simply know that you are in an abusive and emotionally draining relationship.

You need to be loved, cared for and have the best for yourself. Your partner should be your confidant in many ways by supporting you, be your pillar in terms of positive emotional support and treat you with the utmost respect.

Being in an abusive relationship will deny you of the needed joy and love you truly deserve.

There are signs you will observe and perceive once you are into an abusive relationship.

Your emotions towards the person will change. It can include sexual, physical and emotional abuse. The romantic feeling and endless joy will no longer be there.

No matter who you are in terms of age, intelligence, attractiveness, etc, you may be a victim of an abusive relationship.

Hence, we have listed for you 10 signs you are in an abusive relationship.

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Signs You Are In An Abusive Relationship

Your partner is verbally abusive

Once you observe that your partner is incessantly becoming abusive that is a sign of an abusive partner and you are in an abusive relationship.

They will tend to call you all sorts of derogatory names that you never imagined will come out of their mouth let alone they think of it.

They will begin to hurt you with unprintable names and blame you for their actions against you to cover up for themselves.

Your partner isolates you

It is absolutely normal for you to have friends, colleagues, and teammates that support you and are always joyful being with you.

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If your partner denies you or prevents you from hanging out with your loved ones, this may be a sign of being in an emotional relationship.

An emotional abusive spouse will want you to be with them only and refute you from the life outside of the relationship.

They will want to seclude you from others and most especially having a life outside your relationship will be difficult to achieve.

Your partner instills fear in you

An abusive partner will try as much as possible to intimidate you, bully you and dominate you emotionally.

They will want to imprint the word of fear all around you so that you will not have the mind of your own.

For instance, if they advertently tell you about how violent they are when they were growing up, showing you the many instances they deal with someone who refuted their instructions and what harm they can cause others if they do the opposite of what they wish.

This is a clear cut sign that you are in an abusive relationship that will not augur well for your health and mental well-being.

Your partner blames you

Take for instance, if your partner does not want to take full responsibility for any misdemeanour they do and fail to admit to any wrongdoing, thus, just know that you are in an unhealthy relationship.

Your significant other must be able to take the blame for any mistake that comes out from them. Once they continuously shift the blame on you or others around them that may be a sign of an abusive relationship.

They will throw tantrums and attack you verbally and cast the blame on you instead of them.

Your partner punishes you for being away

In an insecure and abusive relationship, the partner will find ways to punish you.

Most especially if you are away to a friend’s place, family hangout, party, baby shower, the birthday of a friend without their notice or your partner following you. OMG! This is better imagined than experienced.

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The insecure partner will punish you later even if they attended. An abusive relationship will cause you mentally, emotionally and physically.

It might not even show on time, but observant people will notice.

Your partner expects you to be subservient

For an insecure partner who is ready to abuse you all the way, they will ensure that you are treated like a second class citizen in the relationship.

They will make you inferior in many ways. You will be treated like a servant in the face of everyone to show that they are in charge of you.

Your partner will expect you to be doing everything for them and will not offer any helping hand.

This is a bad sign of being in an abusive relationship. An abusive partner will want you to treat them like a king or queen and wants you to be subservient to them.

Your partner is extremely jealous

One of the main traits of an abusive partner is that they will be jealous of you in all ramifications.

An abusive partner or spouse is often jealous of you, other people and even your dreams and goals.

Their jealousy will range from inconsequential stuff because of the dearth of control they will have over you.

They will check on you all the time to see where you are, what you’re doing and who you’re with.

In fact, they will try to control where you go and who you see, and get livid if you don’t do what they say. And they will accuse you of being unfaithful or of flirting around.

Your partner controls you through your emotions

An abusive partner will be very cunning and will at the same time be apologetic to appeal to your emotions.

They are adept at manipulating minds. An emotionally abusive partner will threaten to leave the relationship and punish you emotionally simply because you did not follow their idea, belief or norm of how something should be done.

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Once they appeal to your mind, they go back to being abusive and they will go back to controlling you through your emotions.

Your partner gets physical

Once you are in an abusive relationship, your partner becomes physically abusive. They will always want to torture you in order to imprint their angst on you. From there, you will be emotionally unstable.

The abuser might pull your hair, push you, or grab you so hard that you bruise; these may only be warning signs that things can aggravate further.

Your partner doesn’t respect you

To lower your self-esteem, an abusive partner will always want to humiliate you whether in the presence of your family, friends or colleagues.

Even albeit anyone is not present an abusive partner will not show you the respect that you should be accorded.

You will begin to feel the signs of low self-esteem playing all through in your relationship.

From public embarrassment to invectives and little jabs among other appalling instances will be meted out to you. These are some of the warnings that your partner does not respect you.


An abusive partner is a time waster and an energy drainer. You don’t deserve such a person because you are a rare gem.

Don’t allow anyone to physically, emotionally and mentally traumatize you. Once you see any of the above 10 signs that you are in an abusive relationship, bring the relationship to an end.

Many who have been in an abusive relationship have had a bad experience.

The ordeal is range from physical threats, sexual violence, jealousy, hatred inter alia. So, our capsule advice is that don’t be selfish. Love yourself first, and then discontinue your relationship with an abusive partner or spouse.