Really Tell If He Is Into You

To actually really tell if he is into you and wants to spend all the rest of his life with you is not complex.

Why? Guys are actually not subtle in approach, unlike ladies. Women are naturally gifted with subtle ways of saying things without out many noticing. There are ways to really tell if he is into you.

A guy might not actually say “I like you”, because he may not be seen as too straightforward.

Some guys are in fact timid to express their love – albeit this is not prevalent in the traits of guys.

Some guys may deem it fit not to really tell if he is into you because of his past fears of rejection or heartbreaks, or you might see him as a game player.

A guy who is really into you may even decide to send you cute romantic love messages and sweet romantic love messages but will not tell you directly or look you in the face that he loves you.

However, there is a plethora of signs or signals that a guy will show you that he is beginning to want you alone, and no one else. Below are ten ways to really tell if a guy is into you.

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10 Ways To Really Tell If He Is Into You

He shows a lot of eye contacts

When a guy shows you a lot of eye contact that simply means he is into you. If he continues to stare at you at every moment he sees you and he can’t stop looking at you, then you have the clue.

Whether it is conscious or subconscious, he looks at you more often than not when you speak, sits down with him, eats, watches movies, you go on a ride with him, visit the shopping mall, etc, then you can safely say that he is into you.

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If he is excited about seeing you or have a strong feeling about you, his eyes will dilate as he will pay utmost attention to you. That is a sign he evidently likes you and turned on by you.

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He always starts up a conversation

If a guy is the one who always breaks the ice when you are together or on a call, then it is a sign that he is into you.

No matter the conversation, even if it is serious or not, he always likes to talk to you about his thoughts about things and you in general, most especially things that are of interest to you, then he is turned on by you.

He doesn’t only look about your physical appearance but also your personality, the more he will keep talking to you about things or people, and the more he is likely to fall for you.

He will always want to talk to you by having a lot of conversation with you.

He always feels happy around you

Sometimes, this is often overlooked because it is quite obvious to all. However, once the guy is around you and he is always elated about being with you, surely he likes you.

The prevalent fact that a guy can’t either hide his feelings or can’t stop keep smiling around you should tell you that he is into you.

For example, if he blushes easily just because you are there or say something which makes him happy, then it tells a lot about him being with you.

If he is simply fond of you or cherishes you, this is one of the things that will tell you that he is into you.

He wants to impress you

A man only acts to impress others who only care about him or his opinions. He will want to apprise you about his achievements on a particular subject matter that he finds interesting and he feels you will like as well.

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If he talks about stories or jokes, he will want to seek your approval. He does this simply because he likes you.

Of course, he may exaggerate sometimes, but it is only because he wants to impress you; and he wants you to know how much he can do to succeed if you are with him.

He always seeks your opinion

He will more often than not seek your opinion on things that matters to him and he feels you should know.

In fact, he might ask of your opinion on a topic but later on, make use of it or not. But he will appreciate your input.

If a guy seeks your opinion on things, it doesn’t imply that he is not independent or cannot take decisions by himself; rather he wants you to be part of him and he is into you.

He is overly concerned about you

When a guy feels more concerned about you and things that matter to you, then that tells you he is into you.

For example, if he is concerned about your health, school activities, work rate, the food you wish to eat, the movies you love to watch among others, then he likes you.

You might see it as normal signs that it should come from him, but if it is incessant concern about you, it is a sure sign he is into you.

He loves to touch you

Any man that likes a woman will want to touch her. Even if the guy is diffident, he will want to touch her innocently. It may not be what you like, but he will always love to touch you.

Guys love to touch who they love. He will always want to assert his masculinity. You cannot blame him for that.

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He pays attention to your needs

This becomes more apparent when he gives you special and utmost attention. He will only care about you more than others.

For instance, if he is in the midst of his friends, he pays more attention to you even if he is talking to others.

He likes you and will show it to you always.

He does what you like to do

A guy who is into you will always want to do things you like to see you happy and to be in your presence.

When you think about the activities you love and you will see him doing them with you, it’s obvious that he wants to spend more time with you.

Also, it doesn’t matter what his feelings are toward your interests, he will do them just so he can be in your presence more often.

He remembers things about you which you don’t even remember

He remembers most of the salient things in your life. He will want to show you that he cares by recalling things you have probably forgotten or couldn’t recall clearly. This is a subtle sign that he is into you.


A guy who is really into you will always want to be with you, touch you, care for you, express his feelings for you, remembers things about you, he will pay attention to things that are of concern to you among others.

If you notice any of these 10 ways to really tell if he is into you we have highlighted in a guy, be sure that he is into you and loves you.

Guys are sensual beings that will want to express their feelings in ways they think are best for them.