romantic signs he is interested in you

A guy may not tell you directly that he is interested in you. He may think it is not yet time to make the move or just decide to see how things will be.

There are some romantic signs he will exhibit to show he is interested in you.

From your end, you will be thinking about why he hasn’t made the move to tell you he is interested in you.

You would have observed the romantic signs and see if he will say it with his mouth or send your sweet and romantic love messages.

Many men do not easily tell a girl they like her. They will keep the affection and whet your appetite towards wondering if they are just flirting or wanting you.

He will want you to assume so many things in order for you to develop affection for him as well.

He will be all over you like a chameleon that is on a tree and make you feel what true love is all about.

Till now, many girls get disappointed to realize that the guy that is all over them hasn’t expressed his affection towards them.

The signs are surely there for you to see be aware if he is really interested in you.

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Below are the 10 romantic signs he is interested in you

When you speak, he listens

Guys listen to the person they love. We all listen to what people say and wherever we are but we might not be paying attention to what people are saying around us.

When a guy is interested in you, he will pay utmost attention whatever you have to say. He will be glued to you as you converse with him.

In fact, when you tell him to repeat or say what you said, there are chances that he will say it rightly if not verbatim.

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If a guy doesn’t listen to you, he will hardly remember anything you said. But if he is romantically interested in you, he will pay rapt attention, repeat what you said and remember everything.

This is an obvious sign that he is interested in you. This type of guy is uncommon. 

He dresses well

Do you observe that he dresses well of recent when he is going to meet you? Not that he dresses shabbily before he met you. But you will observe some efforts he puts whenever he dresses.

Your opinion matters to him when he sees you and he doesn’t want to fall your hand or be below par.

He wears nice shirts or polo, lovely jeans, amazing shoes or sneakers with a cap to match. This is a sign that he is interested in you.

He will surely don a lovely outfit when he wants to see you and uses great perfume.

Also, he will have his hair cut to look presentable. His demeanor will be top-notch and his suave will be enticing.

He initiates and engages you in a conversation

Whenever you are with him, he breaks the ice. He talks on things and people that are of concern to both of you.

Nowadays, there are not so many guys who speak on things that are of paramount importance.

Though we all engage in chitchat; but a guy who is interested in you romantically will want to converse valuable things in order to be intimate with you.

He will call you and text you so as to initiate an engaging conversation with you.

If you are both out with friends, he will always pay attention to you and keep your company. This is a sign that he is interested in you.

He continuously looks at you

Every moment he sees you it is a moment to never take his eyes off you. He prolongs his eye contact when whenever he is with you.

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Just by looking at his eyes you can tell what he is doing or looking at you always.

Not necessarily staring at you but a romantic look which shows that he is interested in what you are saying.

When you are talking with you, he looks at you in the eyes, he doesn’t look away, he looks at your lips sometimes focus his attention on you alone. This is a sign that he is interested in you.

He treats you differently

One of the romantic signs he is interested in you is that he will always treat you specially. More often, you get to receive that special treatment from him.

If it has to do with buying you gifts or getting something you love to eat, he will go all the way to do it for you.

His attention will always be on you and ensure that he treats specially. That shows he is interested in you.

He compliments you

A guy that is romantically interested in you will praise you more often than not. You will receive compliments from him.

For instance, when you dress well, he will shower his compliments on you, make you feel happy and boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.

He will always look for the positive in you.

He cares about you

No guy will care about someone they are not interested in. Yours will be different. Why? He will want to know if you are comfortable, thirsty or hungry.

A guy who is romantically interested in you will do everything possible to protect you and ensure that you are safe with him or wherever you are.

He wants you to feel safe and secure so as to be your hero.

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His body language changes

When you are with him, he smiles, blushes and keeps looking at you in the eyes. Pay attention to his body language and you will get to know that he is interested in you.

He will move closer to you, feel you and want to touch you more often. The body language never lies.

He invites you into his social circles

He will invite you to the other parts of his life. You will get to know who his friends are, what they do, where they hang out, what are their interest among other things.

He will tell you about his friends and why he likes to be with them. Also, he will try to bring you closer to his friends and want to make you spend time with them.

To take things further, a guy who is interested in you will want to invite you to his family and open up about them to you.

He teases you in a cute way

A guy who loves you will funnily tease you. This is one of the ways to get closer to you. He will flirt with you and make you feel comfortable around him.

He is romantically interested in you when he gives you cute or silly nickname(s), like honey pie, sweetie, my heartbeat, etc in order to make you feel safe.


The above romantic signs he is interested in you are clearly explained when you look at his body language.

Observe his moves, speech, touch, care, honesty among others, and you will get to know that he is interested in you.

Guys don’t hide their feelings much longer most especially the timid ones. The signs will be there for you to see.

Just observe the 10 romantic signs he is interested in you we have listed.