Tips On Working From Home During A Lockdown

Working From Home During A Lockdown

While you work from home during a lockdown is not the same as working from your office. You can check out an article we wrote the other day about How To Maximize This Lockdown With Your Family

It is like being confined in a space in the moon. Many organizations, government parastatals, offices, schools, institutions among others have been closed and have encouraged their employees to work remotely.

So, there are tips on working from home during a lockdown you should be aware of.

You as one of the employees will now be working from the comfort of your home as directed or expected of you as an employee of an organization.

Perhaps, the lockdown will let you learn how to work from home and get your work done.

As the Coronavirus or COVID-19 spreads throughout the globe, social distance is being enforced; self-isolation is being encouraged among other precautions taken, working from home becomes inevitable.

You will have to work remotely just like you are working in the office.

Thus, we have come up with tips for working from home during lockdown that will be of benefits for you.

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Working From Home During A Lockdown

Act as if you are in your office

Working from home during lockdown is not similar to working from the office.

Some might find it enjoyable to work remotely while some will find it difficult not to work from the office.

So, if you are not used to working from home just get your table set with the necessary equipment such as biro, notebooks, calculator (if need be), pencil, lamp or pull the curtain in your room and have your seat.

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You can even decide to get dressed by wearing your shirt along with suit or any dress of yours that portrays you as if you are going to your office.

This has a mental or psychological factor when you get to concentrate. Don’t forget to bath, please… Lol!

Have a solid to-do list

When you are working from home, you are your own manager. Please, take your health essential.

If you do take your health very important then, continue to do so. Your to-do list should be structured in a way that you can efficiently manage your productivity and be mentally fit.

Write down your to do list for everyday tasks. Ensure that it is clear so that you won’t waste time the next day when you wake up.

Know what you will do and when you will get to do it. Create time for a break for you not to break down or get feeble.

Thus, working from home might be actually productive for you if you stay focus and avoid distractions.

Act like an entrepreneur

You will love to think like an entrepreneur when you work from home during a lockdown.

It behooves you to act like an entrepreneur to your employers or employees, team members, suppliers, etc.

You should think pragmatically and clearly enough to define problems and seek solutions that will benefit the organization you are working for.

Think progressively and make sure that the business thrives. Your entrepreneurial dexterity should be sharpened and awoken during a lockdown.

You will need to think outside the box, and even throw away the box because you don’t need the box to think.

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Stay in touch with your colleagues

Endeavour to stay in touch with your colleagues and coworkers in your organization.

With the aid of technology and social media, you can stay connected with your fellow staff or subordinates.

If you intend to have a team meeting with your staff or colleagues, there are apps you can simply make use of to do so.

Conference call or brainstorming sections can be done on your laptop or phone.

Technology has made the world a small space that you can get in touch with someone far away.

You will be greeted with distractions

Once you are working from home, you cannot avoid being faced with a plethora of distractions.

This is one of the challenges of working from home. There may be distractions such as social media, TV, the kids, the doorbell, your partner among other things.

It can be safely stated that some of the listed distractions can be prevented while some cannot be avoided.

However, not all the distractions will take your whole day. For instance, since the kids are on holiday too, you will need to explain to them how busy you are and will the need it means to you to work from home.

You should avoid loneliness

Working from home should enable you to engage yourself to the fullest. However, you can feel lonely sometimes because it is not the same environment as your office.

Even if you have an office in your home, you cannot compare it with working at home.

Loneliness can set in sometimes while working from home. And this can affect your mental and physical well-being.

So you need to pay attention to this because we are social beings. Once you have worked for a while, take a break to call your family members and even colleagues. This will go a long way in combating loneliness.

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Indulge in exercise

Exercise during lockdown is good for the body. Take a walk down the street, jog, cycle with your bicycle, etc.

There is a popular saying that goes as, “Reading is good to the mind; while exercise is good for the body.”

As you work at home, you will need to exercise your body as well in order to keep fit.

Since you are confined in your house, your health is essential and regular sweat from exercise will improve your work as well.

You should learn something new

Since you are working from home during a lockdown, there is a chance for you to learn new skills to improve yourself and your work.

With the development of technology, you can take on new courses, learn a new language among other skills.

This will fillip your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and ensure that you improve your mental dexterity in order to be on top of your game.


During a lockdown, you are presented with a plethora of opportunities to make the best of your time.

Working from home during lockdown should bring the best out of you. It is left for you to utilize the moment because it will not be there forever.

Work from home and make your organization to be proud of you.  You have the chances within your grasp so you need to grab it.

We have shown you the tips on working from home during the lockdown. So, what are you waiting for?