Thankful to your wife

Just be thankful to your wife for everything she has done and keep doing for you and the family.

Women are beautiful, intelligent, smart and lovely beings. To simply put, if you have a happy wife, you will have a happy home. This is a common saying in this part of the world. we have a post on How To Be Thankful To Your Husband

And many can attest to the fact that if you make your wife happy, you will have a beautiful home that many will be jealous to be with.

Appreciating and being thankful to your wife always is a good omen for you. It portends the grand greatness that your lovely wife possesses.

Don’t be fooled by the distractions of the world. Your wife is your rare gem and priceless one that you should always hold in high esteem.

Be thankful for your wife for supporting you, preparing your home and ensuring that everything goes as planned without any glitches or hitches.

Therefore, it is expedient to know what you are thankful for with your wife in appreciation of what she has done, keep doing and will do.

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Take her on a romantic date

Setting a nice date with your wife in order to appreciate what they have done for you and the family as a whole is a sure sign of being thankful to your wife.

Simply choose her favourite restaurant, a movie they have been anticipating to watch in the cinema, eat popcorn together, drink coffee, and shop for books that are of interest to her.

Create an apt time with her and enjoy the moment. Your wife deserves it as she is the backbone of the house.

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Ger her precious gift

As a husband, you need to treat your wife in a special way. Buy your wife a special gift because she is a special spouse for you.

Purchase a gift for your wife and include a special note that will titillate her. She will be thankful for such a gift.

You can get a flower, dress, wristwatch among other things that she will be thankful to have as your wife.

She might not necessarily be saying it always to your ear, but you will have the inkling that your wife has been relishing such precious gift.

Utter the word “Thank You” to her often

In order for you to be thankful to your wife, you will need to learn how to say the simple two words, “Thank you” more often than not.

If she takes care of the children, does the cleaning, prepare the food, etc, and ensure that you say a word of gratitude to her.

You are intentionally encouraging her to do more and not to bow down or be cowed by anything or anyone.

You are the pillar she will rest on and be encouraged as well.

Write a thoughtful note for her

You will be gobsmacked by the when you get to discover that writing a thoughtful words string in the love language she best understands will make her elated beyond words. Your wife will appreciate such a gesture.

Write the words and place it where she can see it such as the dashboard of the car, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in a mirror placed in the house and anywhere you can think of.

You will be amazed at how she will appreciate it and how it will brighten her day. This is one of the ways to be thankful to your wife.

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Give her a break

Your wife sometimes might need a break may be due to the fact that she has overworked for the day.

She may have taken care of the children or tidy things up in the house. So, you need to give her a break.

She might not necessarily request it from you as she may think it is being rude. But you will know if she needs a break.

Quiet time alone from her regular tasks of the day; she will be thankful for that.

You can even take over the chores of the house and if you have children, you can take care of the children before she bounces back.

This is one of the sure ways to be thankful to your wife.

Eulogise her in the public and private

Having a wife should make you know that you should always appreciate her.

Praise her in public most especially in the midst of her family members, your family members, friends, colleagues, co-workers, etc.

In the house, appreciate her works and express your gratitude in front of the kids if you have.

They will learn to be grateful for you as well. Kids learn faster from their parents according to research. Be thankful to your wife both in public and in private.

Endeavour to offer more than you take

To be sincere, many of us love to take rather than give. We want to always take from our loved ones instead of giving and giving.

To be thankful to your wife, you will need to give more than you take.

Give her what she will like to have or wish to get but unable to get because of some encumbrances.

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You wife deserves to be shown love and be given more things to appreciate her efforts and time.

Learn her love language

Every one of us has our love languages. Your wife has her love language. It is left for you to discover her love language.

She may like to be touched more often or it might be words of affirmation that she will like. Find out one of the two and see how she will be grateful.

For you to be thankful to your wife you need to learn her love language just like her body language when she needs sex.

Let her know how important she is to the family

Your wife should know that she is important to the family as a whole. Let her feel the vibe that she is the best and she serves as a pillar of the house.

Without her, it will be difficult to run the family. appreciate your wife always.


You need to be thankful to your wife always. She is the pillar of the house. The family circle will not be complete without her.

Let her know that she is important to you, to the kids and the family at large. Thank her for the cooking in the house, for tidying the house, for making sure that everyone is safe, for checking on you and the kids.

Your wife is your rare gem and your priceless one. Treat her with the utmost care and she will be happy to be with you always. Learn how to be thankful to your wife always.