5 Love Languages In Marriage

We cannot deny the fact there are a lot of books, audios and videos out there that have discussed about the 5 love languages in marriage.

Couples express their love in different ways and they shouldn’t allow those differences to get in their way.

As it is well known that every marriage requires constant communication, patience, hard work, commitment, perseverance, and most importantly love.

You and your partner should consistently endeavor to express your love language and appreciate each other.

Learning about your partner’s primary love language is crucial to the success of every marriage.

When you learn your spouse’s primary love language, it solidifies your relationship with him or her, promotes unity and builds a healthy relationship with your spouse.

Also, it is essential to note that matching lovable words with action is the hallmark of integrity and the 5 love languages in marriage.

If you are not fulfilling your spouse’s needs amounts to having a beautiful garden with a lot of weeds. You should be bound by your words in marriage.

At this juncture, when we go by the words of Dr Gary Chapman who has confirmed and affirmed in no uncertain terms that everyone has different love languages and experience love in their relationships differently by both giving and receiving love in their marriage with their partner.

Since it is well known that we all have our preferences, styles, personalities, temperaments among other traits, there are ways how people show love and express love.

Below are the 5 love languages in a marriage that every couple should know and make use of so that they can foster their relationship with their partner and make better intimacy.

The 5 Love Languages In Marriage

Words of affirmation

This has to do with you verbally affirming to your partner how much you love him or her.

It is a good practice to say words of affirmation or encouragement to your spouse most especially unsolicited compliments.

It goes a long way in making your partner happy most especially when you reiterate it every day.

If this is your spouse love language, you can decide to surprise him or her by writing down notes that you can leave around the house to encourage them.

You can use a quote to inspire your spouse before the start of the day. Use words such as, “I love you”, “You are amazing”, “You are great lover” among others.

This will go a long when to enrich and solidify your relationship. Learn to make praises a constant part of your relationship with your significant other.

Quality time

You should learn to spend quality time with your partner. It makes them feel loved and make them feel important in your relationship and life as a whole.

Sharing quality time implies that you are physically and mentally present with your lover.

Marriage is a union between two lovers. So it is expected of you to spend quality time with your better half.

If this is their love language, your spouse will cherish the effort and determination you place where you are mentally and physically present with them.

You engage your partner in meaningful conversations, read books together, and cook together among other things. Give your partner undivided attention.

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Receiving Gifts

When you receive a gift from your spouse, it surely makes you feel loved and important to them.

If giving and receiving gifts is a means of showing affection towards your partner, then it is your love language.

Buy or making gifts for your partner to express appreciation and love such as buying clothes, flowers, gadgets, wine, food, etc will go a long way in fostering your relationship with them.

Your partner will feel touched and see it as being thoughtful of you to do so for them.

The great feeling of making your spouse smile and seeing them happy cannot be overemphasized as this will restore their passion for your relationship with them.

Please don’t misunderstand receiving gifts and giving gifts with materialism.

Your thought and action expressed while giving shows that you care for your spouse.

Acts of service

Any act of service that you can offer your partner to ease their burden of responsibilities.

You can decide to help in the cleaning of the home, bath the kids, cook the meal, wash the dish, do the dry cleaning, setting the table, etc.

By doing this, your action speaks louder than words.

Offering an act of service to your partner may be their love language. They will appreciate it the more for assisting them out.

This is a gesture that cannot be unrivaled.  You can become the better best partner your spouse deserves.

They will enjoy your company the more and won’t want you to be away.

Physical touch

One of the very powerful love languages is physical touch. It is similar to holding your spouse hands, hugging, kissing, holding hands, pats and showing affection.

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Before you go to work and after you come back from work, endeavor to touch your spouse as this will be much appreciated by them.

And this should be thoughtful touches on the arms, legs, shoulder or face. If physical touch is the primary love language of your partner in marriage then be rest assured that you are in a good time.

Let your spouse feel your positive presence when you are around by touching them when you speak. It is a good sign of loving your relationship.


As humans, we all have different love languages that we would love our significant other to know and practice to foster our relationships.

Everyone has his or her point of strength that they will love their spouse to make use of.

The 5 love languages in marriage are to ensure that couples communicate effectively and efficiently with among themselves.

Having a misunderstanding and misinterpreting of actions by a spouse can militate against a relationship to progress.

That is why it is expedient of every couple to learn the love language that is best suitable for each other.

Once you get to learn it, you are on the way to making your marriage a successful one.

You definitely don’t want to miss the joy and goodness in learning your partner’s love language.

Pick one of the 5 love languages listed and you will be on your way to experience the best marriage in life.