Relationship addiction

In today’s article, we talk about Love and relationship addiction as it’s a common problem many individuals face today without them knowing.

Being in love can be one of life’s most stunning feelings, and yet, it very well may be inebriating. Love has been and keeps on being the subject of numerous books, melodies, and motion pictures.


Be that as it may, can it likewise be a type of addiction? In all honesty, a large number of us battle with staying alone. Be that as it may, not every person will turn into a love addict. 

A few people are increasingly inclined to turning into love addicts and requiring love addiction treatment than others. This is particularly valid for social butterflies who feel they should be associated with others to feel ‘alright.’

Although this is anything but a sound method for existing, battling with relationship addiction is an issue for many.

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Relationship addiction implies that an individual can’t cope without being in a romantic relationship. In the case that you aren’t in a relationship and regularly feel fragmented or struggle to cope, then you are suffering from relationship addiction.

Love addicts regularly require psychotherapy for love addiction treatment. Individuals in an addictive state can often overcome this problem all alone.

One can likewise say that relationship addiction happens when an individual is in a relationship that as opposed to bringing the best of you, makes you quit dealing with yourself, or one starts to dismiss your principle objectives and proper thinking. In this kind of relationship, a relationship addict would usually lose themselves.

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Symptoms of Relationship Addiction

Staying In An Abusive Relationship

In a scenario where you can’t sever a relationship that has a great deal of abuse, belittling, quiet treatment, control, or even emotional maltreatment, you may be an addict to that relationship.

Doubtlessly, you definitely realize that this relationship isn’t beneficial for you yet you find yourself with a similar partner again and again. This is an example of a love addict.

Being in a relationship brings a warm sentiment of love, however if that particular relationship is making you question your self-esteem or makes internal clashes, well it’s about time that you have a genuine assessment of the relationship and look for love addiction treatment.

When looking to have important relationships, we ought to ask ourselves a few things;. Does this relationship serve any an incentive in my life? Would i be able to develop as a person right now? Does this relationship represent the moment of truth for me?

A love junkie once in a while sets aside the effort to ask these. Some relationship addictions emerge from a profound established dread of being distant from everyone else or neglected.

Love addicts may once in a while neglect to perceive when they are in an undesirable relationship.

Spotting the line between genuine love, captivation, and addiction is exceptionally significant.

Constantly Breaking Up And Making Up With The Same Person

One of the signs that somebody might be a love addict is having various separation and reunion cycles in a relationship.

A love addict is unable to be without their significant other for a long period of time, they would constantly make up with them no matter how many times they break up, and they do this subconsciously knowing fully well that the person is not good for them.

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The endless loop doesn’t do any good to the strength of the relationship. In the event that a contention prompts a separation, the relationship addict is probably going to compromise and apologize even when he/she has been wronged.

Such sort of relationship has no future without the mediation of an outsider or expert. Authorized advisors and specialists can give love addiction treatment that can put you underway to more joyful and more beneficial relationships.

In the case that you and your partner have separated on many occasions, this is a strong indication the relationship is simply not working, and one of you could be a relationship addict.

A sound relationship goes through a breakup and makeup cycles, however not too much. These are signs that you and your partner need to converse with a therapist or counselor about love addiction treatment.

Confusing Sex For Love

People in addictive relationships, for the most part, may confuse the way that they have incredible sex with their partners for love. Because somebody who abuses you can get physically involved with you doesn’t imply that they regard the relationship.

In the event that you are in a relationship where each time you have issues, such as; physical maltreatment and the partner settles the issue through sex, then you are in an undesirable relationship.

One ought not to mistake sex for love. An individual who loves you can’t manhandle you and then have sexual intercourse with you like a presentation of love.

Gain proficiency with the distinction between sex and love by getting love addiction treatment.

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Lack Of Self Confidence

An individual may love their partner excessively when the partner is unconcerned. The consistent lack of interest and abuse from the partner may cause one to have low confidence.

Relationship addiction can get so terrible that when the other partner decides to part ways, the abandoned becomes incapacitated emotionally and intellectually.

It isn’t unprecedented to discover an individual who was cheerful and with high confidence, acting in irregular ways that are not in accordance with their character.

Constant criticism and scolding from the partner may bring down one’s confidence. Try not to allow anybody to wreck you emotionally; no one has ever died from being without a relationship partner.


Love and relationship addiction is a common problem many individuals face today, but do not realize it; you find a lot of people in relationships just because they relish the idea of love, the very feeling of having someone to call their own.

Often times when we are in relationships, we are not really in love, what we go through is just loving the idea of being in love.

Simply put “you are a relationship addict”, and you should seek help as quickly as possible as this seemingly minor problem is quite detrimental to your health.