10 Tips To Improve Your Body Language In A Relationship

tips to improve your body language

We have come up with 10 tips to improve your body language in a relationship. Sometimes, it is not about what you say but what you do with your body language in a relationship that matters.

We all have different non-verbal communication we use. So, it is expedient to be aware of your body language when you are with your partner.

You should be conscious of your body posture, gestures, countenance, and eye movement. All this speaks with the person you are dealing with.

Your body language is a contributing factor in your relationship because it may make or mar your relationship with your partner.

What you do may be interpreted in different ways by your partner most especially if you are in the public.

The body language you use while in your workplace is different when you are with your partner.

More often than not, you should try to observe your body language when you are communicating with your partner.

It tells a lot about you to your significant other. Your body language is your way of communication. So, don’t screw it up.

In fact, your body language is critical to the extent that it impacts either positively or negatively in a relationship more than what words can describe.

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10 tips to improve your body language in a relationship.

Crossing your arms or legs

Don’t cross your arms or legs when you are having a conversation with your partner. It portrays a sign of being defensive or guarded. But rather open your arms and legs.

When you cross your arms or legs while your partner is talking to you about their day, the workplace, house chores, the garden, etc, it presents a sign that you are not present, uninterested and uncomfortable.

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Instead, open your arms and legs. It shows that you are welcoming to your partner, and friendly to them.

Maintain eye contact

In maintaining eye contact with your partner, you are establishing the right connection and feeling towards them.

It also shows that you are listening and paying utmost and desired attention to them while talking.

However, you don’t need to stare incessantly on them as this might make them feel insecure. You can take one or two seconds away, and re-establish the connection.

Your partner may feel uncomfortable if you have a continuous gaze at them.

Be relaxed in your space

This has to do with being comfortable in your skin. You need to own your own space even albeit your body may take some physical space. But it is your space meant for you.

You need to be confident by sitting or standing with your legs apart, put your arms where it should be.

This is a sign of self-confidence you will want to exude to your partner and they feel at home with you.

Try to relax your shoulders

When you feel tensed or worried, try as much as possible to relax your shoulders. It might not necessarily shrug off your worries, but it put you at a good pace.

You will need to move up and forward a little bit with your shoulders. Endeavour to loosen up by shaking the shoulders a bit and move them back slightly.

Nod while your partner is talking

This serves as a signal that you are listening and you are with your partner. Your body language in your relationship matters a lot.

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When your partner is talking, nod once in a while but do not overdo it like a lizard.

It affirms that you are with them and paying rapt attention as well. Don’t fake the nod.

You should lean sometimes towards your partner

While your partner is talking, endeavour to lean towards him or her. It shows that you are interested in what they are saying.

In fact, you can also lean towards your partner to show that you are confident in yourself.

Then lean back a bit. As you already know that too much of it will condescending or make you seem desperate for approval.

Don’t forget to smile and laugh

It is no doubt good to smile and laugh. It makes you friendly and homely. Smile and laugh when your partner says something hilarious.

Don’t take life too serious like a bull without a horn. Relax a bit, smile and laugh with your partner.

When you tell a joke, don’t be the first to laugh because it makes you feel wanted and nervous.

Use your hands confidently

More often than not, try to use your hands to describe and emphasize something you are saying with your partner. It clarifies and adds value to your description.

Use your hands to communicate what you are trying to say without touching your face.

And don’t make it inordinate because it might be distracting to your partner. Control yourself while using it and don’t just raise your hands anyhow.

Ensure you don’t fidget

Fidgeting is a sign of being nervous and lack of self-confidence. Don’t make fidgety movements such as tapping your legs, tapping your fingers, putting your hands in your face, scratching your body looking sideways all the time.

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Fidgeting can make you distracted and your partner will think you aren’t yourself. Endeavour to relax, slow down and focus your movements.

Always lookup

Don’t keep your head down as if you are looking for something that is missing while talking to your partner.

You will look nervous or being interrogated by your partner. Look straight up towards him or her and your eyes towards his eyes.

When you look down, it shows you are not confident in yourself, being shy or you are guilty of something. Your body language should improve once you get to look up more often.


How you feel will surely show with your body language. If you are either happy or sad, your body language will definitely tell. Your partner will notice you are being insecure or lack confidence.

Improving your body language in your relationship will make a huge difference. You are what you do, and you need to inculcate the good habit to be on top of your situation.

You can take a couple of these 10 tips to improve your body language in a relationship and practice them.

You will be amazed by the positive result. Your habit will become a reflection of your personality.

So, keep improving on your body language and your spouse proud of you, make your relationship blossom, and ensure your personality is what others will want to emulate.