Red flags not to ignore when dating someone new

Hence we have listed 10 red flags not to ignore when dating someone new.

When dating someone new, there are red flags you should not ignore. It is easy to be caught up in the allure and effervescent ambiance of the person you are dating not to really observe the no-go-area of the person.

We all are not perfect, but there are some unavoidable signs that you should not ignore while dating someone new.

Dating a new person makes you not to see their weakness or flaw of him or her. And the core of dating is to get to know each other very well.

To avoid heartbreak and stories that touch, there are some bad habits the person you are dating will exhibit which are red flags that you should never ignore.

Take, for instance, if you are dating a petulant person, he or she will make things uncomfortable for you and make unsavory remarks towards you. That means they do not respect or have regard for you.

More often than not, you always have the guy feeling that whenever you are with them, you are always feeling unsafe or insecure.

They tell lies when they speak to you. He or she is an incorrigible liar that you cannot wait not to be with them.

You will have the instinct or feeling that they are not telling you the truth; before you get caught in the web of their mendacity, it is advisable that you should take heed and put an end to the relationship before you get heartbroken

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Hence we have listed 10 red flags not to ignore when dating someone new.

They are arrogant

If the person you are dating has a haughtiness attitude about themselves, then this is a red flag.

Arrogance is never attractive when the person you are dating believes that the best quality is from them alone.

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They are usually insecure when dating you and possess the dearth of self-awareness. Most times, they are usually after their interest without considering their partner’s interest.

The level of overweening behavior they have can be toxic to your relationship and peace of mind.

He or she will only talk about themselves and how they achieve something. Nothing is appalling about praising oneself, but they will inordinately do theirs to fill up their ego.

They blame others for their mistakes

Once you are dating an individual that doesn’t accept their mistakes but tend to blame others for their problems, then they will always look for someone to blame.

They fault others for their inadequacies in order to appear faultless and innocent. No one is perfect, and we all make mistakes.

However, if he or she does not acknowledge their mistakes, it is a sign for you that you are in a toxic relationship.

You should end the relationship if someone you are dating exhibits this red flag all the time instead of resolving the issue on ground.

They don’t support you

It is expected that in every relationship there should be support, care and have your partner’s back.

But if the person you are dating does not have your back, this is a red flag.

You deserve someone that will support you not only when things are rosy but when things aren’t going on smoothly as well.

He or she should be able to defend you no matter whose ox is gored.

Thus, you will need to be observant when not to ignore this red flag when you are dating someone new.

They don’t create time for you

When someone is busy working round the clock, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t create time for you.

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Being busy is not a challenge, but not creating the right time around their schedule is the problem.

Your relationship should be nurtured and develop to the height you wish. If he or she doesn’t prioritize you or care for you, it is a red flag for you not to ignore.

They communicate poorly with you

If the person you are dating does not properly communicate with you well and responds to questions slowly and with shallow responses, they may not even be interested in the relationship or it seems you forced them to date you.

Your partner should open up to you about their lives and what they think about what is going on.

If he or she isn’t comfortable telling you things that are weird about them, this shows that it is a red flag for you.

They shouldn’t be unnecessarily talkative but simple communication should make things easy for them and open up with you.

They are not honest with you

A dishonest person will always churn out half-truths and they will not tell you where they are, who they are with when they will be available.

Dating a dishonest person is like having to eat a bad apple. It sucks, right?

They don’t have ambition

If the person you are dating cannot tell you about their long and short term goals, it implies that they don’t have ambition in life.

He or she should be able to tell you what they wish to accomplish in life and how to tend to go about it.

This will give you a clear insight into their personality when you are dating him or her.

They cannot tell you why they are with you

Your partner should be able to tell you why he or she is dating you. What they see in you why they decided to date you.

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They should be able to tell you what value and goodness you bring into their life. Even if it has to do with the fact that “I love being around you”.

If they genuinely love you then they should be able to express why they love you.

They are not generous

Once you are dating someone new and they don’t have the interest in giving things or money to people.

They might not necessarily give to you, but how they treat others when it comes to money.

Someone that loves you will be compassionate about giving and helping others.

He or she will want to help others if they are with people, and most especially their family members or relatives.

They get easily annoyed

We all are humans and we have our mood swing. Sometimes we may be happy and some other time we may be emotional or pass through things.

However, if you are dating someone aggressive, you should take caution and know the red flag.

If they are mad over little things or inconsequential matters, that means they are hot-tempered.

He or she should be able to control their emotions or angst without making you detrimental in the relationship.


Dating should be fun and lovely. Neither of you needs to be mendacious in your relationship but to be truthful and enjoy the date.

The 10 red flags not to ignore when dating someone new we have succinctly listed and explained is essential in determining the progress and future of your relationship.

So, be watchful and mindful of whom you date in order not to find yourself in a comatose state.