signs you are with a good man

There are signs you are with a good man once you come across one. He will love you beyond words and support you always.

Many women are in bad relationships because they don’t know what a good man is all about.

You keep wondering when it comes down to relationships how some women end up with bad men.

It baffles more often than not that why can’t women leave the toxic and appalling relationship they are into with a man instead of suffering themselves.

wilder thoughts
wilder thoughts

If your partner fails to appreciate you in your relationship, then you are in a relationship that won’t last. Just know and note that now!

Men are creatures that appreciate the women they love dearly. They will go any length to protect, provide and care for their women either girlfriends or wives.

As a woman, you should be in a relationship that values and respects you in its entirety.

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Below are 10 signs you are with a good man.

He will always show you how much he loves you

A good man that loves you will always show you how much he loves you and will never leave you when you need him. He will make you feel loved, wanted and much appreciated.

If he truly loves you, he will let you know it and you will feel it. He will always want to remind you how much he loves you and how much you mean to him.

He will go any length to support you and how you will never discourage you from chasing your dreams.

A good man will always inspire you

When you are dating or married to a good man, he will make you better by encouraging you to do more.

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He will be there for you to show how great you are and how much you can achieve in life.

His life will rub on you from what he does around you and what he does for himself.

He will serve as an inspiration to you always, and he will be passionate about his ambition that he wants to pursue.

He will gain your trust

In your relationship with a good man, he will make you confident and comfortable.

He will be a trustworthy man to you. He will know that trust serves as the bedrock of your relationship with him.

He will want to gain your trust in the relationship because he knows that trust is the foundation for your love and respect.

No doubt, he will have to earn your trust, respect you and he will need to keep it to enjoy the trust from you.

He will avoid the things that will make you not to trust him.

He will always find you attractive

One of the signs of a good man is that he will make you feel beautiful. Right from the way he looks at you, the way he touches you and the way he treats you. You will be adored by him in all entireties.

He will remind you of how beautiful you are when he notices how much effort you put in making yourself attractive.

He will not only say it in words but also how it. He will find you attractive always even if you aren’t.

He will make you feel safe

A sign that you are dating or marrying a good man is that he will make you feel safe and protected. Whenever you are with him, he makes you feel secure and safe.

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Most especially when you sleep soundly at night with him beside you and you feel safe.

Then, know that you are with a good man. Irrespective of the money he has or how attracted you are to him, if he cannot make you feel safe, then he is you aren’t secure with him.

He pays attention to little things about you

A good man who sincerely likes you will observe what you love and what you don’t like. Once he knows about it he will go his way to do the best for you.

He will understand how to go about it. For example, if you have a particular recipe you would love to eat and you have discussed it to him, he will go his way to do so for you. You are always in his mind.

He always keeps his promise

A good man with integrity will always endeavour to keep his promise. He will not want to disappoint you when he makes promises.

Keeping a promise is not easy to do. One of the signs you are with a good man is he will not make empty promises and he will keep his words always.

He will continue to improve himself intellectually

If you are with a good man, he will continue to improve himself by learning new skills and developing a new set of skills.

A good man will continuously attempt to improve himself intellectually as he challenges you and keep your attention as well.

However, all these will be done to improve himself but all the same, he will be doing it to benefit the relationship as a whole.

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A good man will never stop to ensure that he keeps learning every day he has the opportunity to do so.

He will be honest with you

This is one of the signs that you are with a good man that he will exhibit. He will know that “Honesty is the best policy.”

He will never be dishonest with you or anyone around him.

If he keeps his promises, he will deserve your respect and anyone who is dishonest does not deserve your respect.

He will never abuse you

In fact, this is one of the gravest actions that a good man will never do to you. He must not abuse you physically, emotionally and mentally.

A good man will neither be abusive towards you nor harm you. You are his pride and he will hold you in high esteem.

If a man is abusive towards you, then you should summon the courage to leave the relationship or marriage.

You can seek help by confiding in others who can be of great assistance to you as regards it.


To cap it all, a good man must not be disrespectful, dishonest, abusive, untrustworthy, and unappreciative among other negative signs.

We have stated the 10 signs you need to know if you are with a good man and he continues to exhibit the good signs.

You don’t, however, need to be disrespectful to him once he does those mentioned signs.

It doesn’t mean that you should capitalize on those facts but you need to reciprocate with goodness and appreciate them so he can do more and become more. Take note that a good man produces a good home.