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  • signs you are with a good man

    10 signs you are with a good man

    There are signs you are with a good man once you come across one. He will love you beyond words and support you always. Many women are in bad relationships because they don’t know what a good man is all about. You keep wondering when it comes down to relationships how some women end up […] More

  • 5 Love Languages In Marriage

    5 Love Languages In Marriage

    We cannot deny the fact there are a lot of books, audios and videos out there that have discussed about the 5 love languages in marriage. Couples express their love in different ways and they shouldn’t allow those differences to get in their way. As it is well known that every marriage requires constant communication, […] More

  • Thankful to your wife

    How To Be Thankful To Your Wife

    Just be thankful to your wife for everything she has done and keep doing for you and the family. Women are beautiful, intelligent, smart and lovely beings. To simply put, if you have a happy wife, you will have a happy home. This is a common saying in this part of the world. we have […] More

  • Thankful to your husband

    How To Be Thankful To Your Husband

    To be thankful to your husband for providing you with a home, clothing, and food is not prevalent in the contemporary homes we have. Do you care to see our post on How To Be Thankful To Your Wife? As a wife, you need to be thankful for your husband and appreciate the things your […] More

  • Maximize This Lockdown

    How To Maximize This Lockdown With Your Family

    With the serious global pandemic of Coronavirus also referred to as COVID-19, the world has come to a standstill. Every business has come to a close, schools, and any other public gatherings you can think of. So, what is next? You would have had the thoughts that, how to maximize this lockdown with your family. […] More

  • Signs He Is In Love With You

    10 Signs He Is In Love With You

    There are many signs that you will get to notice once a guy is in love with you. He will go many ways to prove his love for you. Today we cover the Signs he is in love with you. A guy who loves his girlfriend or spouse will care for her, call her, send […] More

  • Really Tell If He Is Into You

    10 Ways To Really Tell If He Is Into You

    To actually really tell if he is into you and wants to spend all the rest of his life with you is not complex. Why? Guys are actually not subtle in approach, unlike ladies. Women are naturally gifted with subtle ways of saying things without out many noticing. There are ways to really tell if […] More

  • Signs someone loves you more than you think

    8 signs someone loves you more than you think

    We have come up with 8 Signs someone loves you more than you think. No matter who you think your partner is there are some peculiar signs they will exhibit to show that they love you more than you think. It cannot be hidden, It is what will be visible to all. In fact, your […] More

  • Abusive Relationship

    10 Signs You Are In An Abusive Relationship

    Being in a toxic relationship is akin to taking poison and expects to survive. An abusive relationship with the receiving partner is not a good means for an intimate relationship. It makes the person at the receiving end to be battling an inferiority complex. Once there is a sign of erratic and inappropriate behavior towards […] More

  • Relationship Tips

    Why Ladies Remain Single

    Yes, why do ladies remain single. It is proven that some ladies of matured relationship age are still single, without any issue as to their present circumstance, expect to themselves not seeking solutions. Few other ladies, desire to be cherished, loved and cared for in a romantic relationship. But, they can’t help it either still […] More

  • Relationship Tips

    How to show a man that you love him

    Love is a beautiful thing but I can only say that is true only when you are with the right person and for the right purpose(relationship) . I truly believe that in one way or other that we tend to feel love for that special someone in out heart who could our parent, siblings, friends […] More

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